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Eco-frriendly sculptures created out of discarded cabinets and doors

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Every household has cabinets, cupboards and doors that store all our stuff and keep us secure, respectively. We don’t change them that often as other household items but do polish them or add a few pieces of decoration on them. They are an integral part of all buildings and mostly are made out of wood which definitely is very precious. One should not waste anything that comes tagged with the word precious.

But what happens when we want to replace a cupboard or a door that had been carved out of wood? Well, without much thinking, we throw it away as it has become old or does not match our taste anymore. What we purchased with a smile on our face is left in the junkyard to die. But there is one such person who even sees art in such a waste.

Ron van der Ende from Netherlands, with his artistic bend of mind has swapped old cabinets and doors into pieces of delicate art. Ron has crafted sculptures out of thrown away things and has brought them together in an aesthetic manner without using a single drop of paint. He has made all the sculptures by reclaiming 3 millimeter thick wood veneers. The artist puts in a lot of effort in all his sculptures. Each art form costs Ron a minimum six to eight weeks to complete.

The colors that we get to see are actually original paint job that was there on discarded cabinets and doors. He collects colorful wood and pleasantly uses them in all his creations. This way the end product is not low on colors and does not give a dull appearance. Ron’s sculptures rank high on the eco-friendly list has he has made a sincere effort to make green art forms.

According to Ron van der Ende

I start by taking the [wood] object apart and removing screws, nails, and hinges. After that I use a saw-bench to cut the wood into veneers around 3mm thick. Any rest of the material is used in the construction of the bas-relief shape. When it is done I apply the veneers with nails and glue to the bas-relief as a mosaic creating or enhancing the illusion of shadows, reflections, and perspective.

Via: FastCoDesign

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