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Seven eco projects in need of your help

The Guarani Project

There are people who love to wine about what is happening around them, and then there are people who stand up and act to change the world. Here we have some brave and innovative initiatives that were taken up by people to create a remarkable positive effect on our society and future. These initiatives have got half way through single-handed and now await financial help from enthusiastic philanthropists to complete the remaining course of action. If you are someone who loves creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, someone who wants to contribute towards the society, then welcome aboard to explore the environmentally themed projects. Lets’ have a look:

1. From Grass to Cheese

A small family in Ohio runs a dairy farm with an aim to carry on their traditional family legacy. They are upbeat about developing a sustainable cheese business and help people from a new relationship the way food is produced. In this age of industrial agriculture sticking to family farm and creating cheese of the niche quality is exemplary in itself. According to Nick and Celeste Nolan, cheese is prepared all over the world in factory farm style which results in big environmental footprint. So they are patronizing family farm cheese production to reduce footprint of cheese by setting new benchmark everyday. To ensure the same they are all set to complete a feature-length documentary that will highlight the benefits of community based farming. They require a fund of $28, 000 for the same.

2. Green Kids: Ebb & Flo

Green Kids Inc., an NGO is mandated to make children learn the green art of living. This charity house is all set to finalize spring tour named as “Ebb & Flo” that will help children learn about critical issues face by the environment today and explore new possibilities of creating a greener tomorrow. The aim of this initiative is to reach a target audience of 10, 000 children from 30 schools. For the same Green Kids Inc. has raised an amount of $20, 000 against an estimated cost of $30, 000 for this project. Hey require another $10, 000 to successfully carry out this initiative and equip the next generation with simple yet effective tools to create a greener tomorrow.

3. Refined Eco-Clothing Line Designed for Active Commuters

As its bottom line says “People, Planet and not just for Profit”, Nonetheless is a company that works to make the world a greener place to live whilst sticking to their core domain of manufacturing clothes. The clothes designed by them are environmentally sound and flawless when it comes to quality. The fabric is sourced from high-end luxury fashion houses, which is considered a waste otherwise. Every cloth stitched is rare and unique, thanks to the cradle-to-cradle process. They now aim of patronizing their clothes and production techniques all over the world. An estimated amount of S30, 00 that will be used for first production of prototypes pieces will ensure that the project sees through successfully.

4. A Solar Powered, Eco Friendly Recording Studio

This one is a Country & Folk project in Clinton, CT by Will Benoit to create an entirely green recording facility in place of conventional ones existing today. Will owns a 250-year-old home which is fitted with highly energy efficient appliances. He is a musician, recording artist and engineer who want to turn his barn into a eco-friendly recording studio that keep the carbon footprint at check. If successful, this technique could be used all over the world. Till now, the barn is installed with solar panels and the requisite insulation work has been completed whilst sticking to recycled material whenever possible. Still for the successful completion of the project $12, 500 are required.

5. Witness Kenya’s Single Mothers Become Successful Backpack Eco-Farmers

The Backpack Farm Agricultural Program is a pilot program aimed to support 20 single mothers in Meru, Kenya. The aim is to double the agricultural yield by training the women right agricultural techniques and irrigation methods like drip irrigation. This program will be in partnership with Mt. Kenya Gardens Limited and will cultivate purely organic French beans and paw- paw fruit. These crops will be purchased by Rosemary farm and sell further passing on good margin to women. 50 % of the costs will be borne by the women and rest will be raised by charity. The estimated cost of this project is $18, 430.

6. The Guarani Project: A multimedia documentary about water in Latin America

This one is a documentary regarding water in Latin America. Guarani Aquifer in South America contains enough water on which human race can sustain for over 200 years. However, this reserve is facing some real challenges these days with people taking lot of commercial interest in it. What adds more to the plight is that the countries that share Guarani Aquifer are quarreling over it. The uncertain future of Guarani Aquifer was loosely depicted in the bond movie “Quantum of Solace”. Under the Guarani project researchers will stay in Guarani for 2 months and try to analyze the situation to come up with pacifying solutions. The minimum amount that is required for this mission is $14, 500.

7. EcoMag No.2 | Eco-Economics

EcoMag is an initiative magazine that aims to develop cultural vision to create a fully sustainable society. Under the same, each issue will focus at understanding and investigating causes of ecological crisis. The first issue published was “Future Scenarios”. Now the second issue is ready to be published and is named as “Ecological economics”. The cost of publishing is estimated around $7, 500.