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Seven best eco resorts providing sustainable luxury

Best eco resorts

Dependence on non renewable resources can prove to be very dangerous. Realizing this fact, everything around us is going green these day be it hybrid cars, radiant cooling in house, carbon offsets or eco-friendly spas. Next is this list is tourism industry. Hotels are trying to get Eco sensitive and we are here to discuss some similar Eco-friendly hotels.

Given below is a list of seven best Eco resorts providing sustainable luxury.

1. Finca Rosa Blanca Inn

Finca Rosa Blanca

This beautiful resort is positioned in the middle Valley of Costa Rica enclosed by mesmerizing sights. Striking sights of volcanoes, thick forests and coffee grove surrounds the Country Inn. The place is supposed to be 4,000 feet above the sea level and stretches over the distance of 10 acres. Tropical flora and fruit trees abounding around the Inn add to the beauty of tranquil resort. The trip to this inn offers many Eco-educational opportunities because of nearby national parks, forests, botanical gardens and rain forests reserves. This place is known for its delicious Costa Rican Fusion Cuisine and excellent wines.

2. Ranweli Holiday Village

Ranweli Holiday Village

As the name suggests Ranweli Holiday Village gives the feel of spending magical moments in peaceful village. This resort is located 11 miles from Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka. This aesthetic resort spreads over 22 acre peninsula of mangrove. The freshwater river nearby the Ranweli Holiday Village meeting the ocean makes the view mesmerizing. Coconut plantation all around the place gives freshness and serenity. The customary looking resort is fully equipped with all the modern facilities. It has an Ayurveda Center to provide pure and natural beauty therapies and herbal massages.

3. Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Lapa Rios Ecolodge

This place is referred as paradise for honeymoon by the couples who come here to spend lone time with their life partners. Located at Costa Rica, no person has ever returned dissatisfied from this beautiful resort. This place despite being a hotel has always given homely feeling to the tourists and that is why people who come to this place wish to come here again and again. This resort offers bungalows surrounded by dense rainforests. Hardwood staircase in the main lodge running over three stories looks beautiful. Various adventure sports can be performed in the forests as well as in the ocean. Hiking, birding, kayaking, horse riding are the most prevalent adventure sports performed hare.

4. Tiamo Resorts

Tiamo Resorts

Tiamo resorts are the Caribbean’s most environmentally friendly tourist place located on South Andros Island. Most of the functions in the resort are performed using natural sources of energy. The hotel is equipped with thermal hot water heaters and solar paneling systems. The toilets have low flush system which saves water and resort is based on low impact architecture. Many other Eco friendly amenities could be easily found in this environmentally sensitive resort. Resort serves private bungalows to the guests. People would love this place while taking nature hikes, swimming and various other adventure activities.

5. El Pescador Resorts

El Pescador Resorts

EI Pescador has remained famous for a long time for its world class fishing. But in 1997 the ownership of the resort got changed and so did the popularity theme. Under new ownership the whole focus shifted towards Eco friendliness. The resort located at Belize has gone fully green and commits to finish all carbon emissions produced by the guests of flying to it. The structure has been designed in mahogany style with large guest rooms. Some beachfront apartments are also offered to the guests from where they can gaze into deep Caribbean blue waters for hours and hours without any crumb of disturbance.

6. Maho Bay

Maho Bay tents

One of the world’s most distinguished Eco sensitive resorts has been located on scarcely populated island of USVI since 1976. Today almost 114 tents form Maho Bay Camps located inside Virgin Island National Park. Three more resorts have also been added. The resort uses solar power harvesting, rainwater collection and buildings made up of recycled materials as some of the environmentally friendly techniques to promote green architecture. Comfort has also been kept in mind along with Eco friendliness. They have domed ceilings and wraparound decks that give full ocean views without compromising with environment.

7. Avalon Coastal Retreat

Avalon Coastal Retreat

Avalon Coastal Retreat is located on Great Oyster Bay, Australia. These are private Eco cottages that use rain water and recycled material in its working without compromising with comforts of the guests. It has three huge guest rooms and common areas. The architecture is made up of glass and timber that gives a modernist appearance to the place. Pleasant views offered by the Eco-lodge fascinate guests and forces them to come here again and again.