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Eco-Sexuals: Getting turned on by nature!

Ecosexuals Make Love With Nature

A lot of environment conscious people adopt different ways to live green, like using products made out of recycled materials which may include cars, clocks, fashion accessories, and many more. But, a small group of people have gone ahead and broken all barriers to save nature by implementing the green aspect into their personal lives-via sex. They call themselves “ecosexuals”.

This community hosted a 3 day event from June 17-19 called “The Ecosex Symposium 2” in San Francisco. Organised by an art professor, at the University of California, Elizabeth Stephens and a former porn actress Annie Sprinkle, the main objective of the event was to discuss the pleasure in gardening, olive trees in the Middle East and how nature can inspire porn industry. The idea behind is to encourage people to go green while having fun.

Eco-sexuality can be described as a way, when environmentally conscious people start having a relationship with nature. They treat nature as their lover instead of mother. Like for example, making love in the garden or hugging the tree. These “Eco-sexuals” are so serious about their love for nature, that they claim to be married to the earth, moon, mountains and also the snow. Moreover, in the near future they plan to get married to some pieces of coal in Gijan.

The whole idea is that, those people who feel close to nature should be able to develop a new mature perspective on love, art, sexuality and the environment.

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Turning on by nature is in itself a great concept to begin with; however, if you wish to master the art of intimacy, SexLifeGuide.DrPrem.com is always happy to help.