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Eco Urinal Booth: A clean, green and odor-free alternative

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Public urinals have been a big part of the urban development process and so is the putrid smell associated with these urinals normally. Globally, the stench has been a major problem to deal with. The Eco-urinal Booth targets this situation and provides a solution, which is sustainable as well as keeps unwanted odors away. The ergonomic kiosk gives free movement of air and hence, removes bad odors inside.

Rico James Sunga, a Filipino senior fine arts and design student at the University of Sto. Tomas, has come up with a breakthrough concept of Eco-urinal Booth. The design of the booth or kiosk is patterned with holes in angles to conceal the user but still allows air circulation freely as well as gives user comfortable space around. The pot is at a standard height and is wider than usual toilets and closed sides prevent spillage around. The center hole is big enough to prevent over-flowing from repeated usage.

This easy solution to urban maladies is sure to win all hearts with its added advantages of being eco-friendly. The materials used in the construction of the kiosk are eco-friendly and made of recycled materials.

Via: igreenspot