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Ecocamp domes let you live in harmony with Mother Nature

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The Ecocamp Patagonia, the hospitality company in Chile, has gone back to nature and replicated the dwellings of the ancient inhabitants with a modern twist. Deriving inspiration from the traditional native Kawesqar hut, the Ecocamp domes are four star hotel domes that hold on to the “nomadic spirit” of the Kawesqar people. Specifically engineered to withstand stress caused by 160-180kmph winds, the domes are made taking issues of sustainability into consideration.

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The Ecocamp domes sidelines straight, flat walls and rather incorporates rounded forms that help in providing an even distribution of the pressure caused by winds. The design also reduces external surface contact with the cold air, allowing a lower exchange of temperatures, preserving the warmth of the interior. It is build by using galvanized iron covered with a canvas coating and filled with synthetic insulation. Located inside a national park, the surrounding will have fields with lush green grass where animals can graze.

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Via: WorldArchitectureNews