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Ecological and social initiative by Samsung!

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Aside from offering some incredible lines of smartphones, the smartphone giant Samsung is also looking forward in the health care sector. Just recently, it launched its program for establishing solar powered health care centers in many rural areas. Samsung has announced to reach one million people through the solar health center by 2015. It has also decided to influence five million lives in Africa by 2015.


The exceptionally designed mobile solar centers are fitted with all the necessary technology to overcome any geographical or economic barrier that prevents the people of Africa from getting quality medical treatment. Filled with highly qualified medical professionals, the truck will eliminate all the odds and move from one area to the next, providing a range of medical services like eye, blood, ear, and dental services to the public.

The solar health centers are designed to reach as many people as possible regularly, with a focus to establish conditions of different diseases such as diabetes, cataract, tooth decay and high blood pressure. The center will also focus on educating about the health issues and provide knowledge about the preventive measures. Samsung has partnered with Department of health, pharmaceutical companies to provide medications and others which include medical universities and organization that are into health care like World Vision, and Doctors without Borders.

According to the World Bank, more than 60 percent of the people in Africa live in rural areas, thus making it difficult for them to reach for proper medical facilities, as there are no proactive medical areas nearby. So, they have to travel a long distance to reach for a clinic. In South Africa, only 20 percent of the population is getting the private sector health facilities and the rest of the 80 percent are still struggling for medical care.


The Samsung’s Africa CSR program focuses on the three major key areas that are education, health care and rural connectivity with company’s global initiative ‘Hope for Children’. There is also a ‘Built for Africa’ product range specifically aimed for improving the living conditions in Africa. To meet all the demands in the continent, there are many educational programs like Electronics Engineering Academy, Solar powered Internet Schools, Solar Power Generator and eLearning Centers. It is done for supporting the development and the advancement of technology in the continent.

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