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Edible powder to clean up oil-tainted water at Gulf of Mexico

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Numerous solutions from researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs to deal with the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill are pitching up. Earlier too we listed a few ideas that could help in fighting the worst US oil disaster in history, which is discharging an estimated 210,000–1,100,000 US gallons of crude oil daily. Here we have another add-on for the list, an edible powder that can soak up oil from water. Bob Ozer, a Turkish born, German educated engineer claims that his product, a food additive by-product could be added to the oil-tainted water, after which it will trap the oil.

Not only this, the encapsulated oil can also be separated from the additive and can then be recycled. Ozer claims that his non-hazardous, non-flammable and edible product has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The environmentalist has already spent more than 15 thousand dollars and countless hours trying to market the benefits of his compound to BP and government officials. Let’s just hope that Ozer’s solution succeeded in making the sea clean and beautiful again.

Via: Xinhuanet