Efficient Living Machine instills sustainability into urban lifestyle

efficient living machine 1
The continuous expansion of the cities with rising population makes it ever more impending for us to make optimal use of our existing urban infrastructure. In lieu of that designer Alessandro Liberati has visualized a project called Efficient Living Machine that aims to transform a building in order to expand and improve urban lifestyle.

efficient living machine 2
Liberati intends to join the city skyscraper through an overlapping grid that offers new public spaces for socializing. The vertical connections between different grids help make a metropolis more self sufficient by helping meet its food and energy requirements. The grids are equipped with wind turbines, photovoltaic and hydrogen systems for electricity generation. Farms on these grids produce food, whereas oxygen produced through electrolysis improves the quality of life in the buildings. The machine also collects rainwater and then re-purifies it to be supplied to the building inhabitants.

efficient living machine 3
The grid system also serves as transportation node and provides space for recreational activities, public parks and areas of commerce.

efficient living machine 4
efficient living machine 5
efficient living machine 6
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efficient living machine 7

Via: ArchDaily

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