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Efforts to Save Venice from Sinking

venice    the waterlogged italian city

Venice, the Italian city has continuously been lashed by the tides and floods through time. Its time for it to reverberate. And it’s doing so. It is losing height for last 300 years and is on the verge of sinking. To help it from being rubbed off from the world map, a group of engineers and geology experts are considering injecting seawater under Venice to raise the waterlogged Italian city. That would enable Venice to regain nearly the same height it lost for the last three centuries. An engineer in the project team informs that the $117 million project entails digging 12 holes with a diameter of one foot within a six-mile area around the city, and pumping seawater into the ground at a depth of 2,298 feet. Combined with a topping of waterproof clay, the seawater is expected to expand the sand that lies underneath, which would eventually push up the soil, he further added. The final of the project would be, — in addition to a much-publicized plan to build a flood barrier to ease the effect of high tides.

Via: Environmental News Network

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