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Electric diving pump is a boon for green scuba divers

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Scuba diving never got better than this for green fanatics. Brownie’s Marine Group has introduced a new electric diving system called VS335 which is environmentally friendly. The diving system saves power underneath water using a variable-speed compressor that automatically adjusts in accordance to the diver’s demand for air. This allows longer and deeper dives when running off a battery without emitting toxic fumes or releasing carbon.

The device uses an electronic controller to monitor the pressure inside the air hose and accordingly feed set amount of air to the diver. If more air is being sent than the diver requires, the excess is blown off through an escape valve. If the pressure drops, the controller speeds up the compressor to provide more.

The VS335 can run off AC power when onboard a boat, or off a battery when set inside its floating rubber platform. It can be used simultaneously by up to three divers for one to three hours, with a hose range of 35 feet (10.5 meters) each.

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Via: Gizmag