Home Eco Friendly Guide Elegant bridal jewelry crafted from recycled platinum out to create ripples

Elegant bridal jewelry crafted from recycled platinum out to create ripples

Ethical Bridal Jewelry designed by Ivanka Trump

Diamonds make people fall in love with them instantly. Taking this love a little further is the Ivanka Trump bridal assortment, which comes caked with eco-friendliness. The jewels in this collection have been crafted with utmost intricacy, lending them a dainty and poised personality. Canadian diamonds have been used, which were mined keeping our beautiful environment in mind. Owning a 0.39 carat-bead-set diamonds will just cost you $3,500. But, if you want to look glitterier then a bi-level medallion can be yours for $ 130,000. It will come embedded with 6.81-carat diamonds plus a center stone, which is 2.01 carat.

The designers:

Ivanka Trump joined hands with Waldman Diamond Company and came up with a bridal jewelry collection, which is quite sustainable. Waldman Diamond Company is the world leader in terms of diamonds and their work ranges from mining to beautiful ornaments.

The inspiration:

The collection is here to live forever. It is well-designed and has the ability to enchant onlookers. The only source of inspiration for the complete collection was salvaged platinum, which forms the base.

The green factor:

The eye-appealing jewelry line has been made from salvaged platinum and gold. The precious gems used have come from green mines as well. All the principles were kept in mind while sourcing diamonds and each piece is fully sustainable.

The fab factor:

Kimberly Process was followed while mining the diamonds, which has lent a sense of tranquility in the conflicted diamond trade. Illegitimate activates were kept at bay while sourcing these precious stones.

The ensemble:

The collection is coated with unending romance and is a symbol of love. Each piece has been showered with necessary sophistication and sumptuousness. Ivanka Trump bridal assortment is a 12-piece line which consists of engagement rings, wedding bands and earrings. Diamonds for the complete line have come from mines named Diavik and Ekati.