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Elegant recycled bags to save the planet in style

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If you thought recycled products meant unattractive and flimsy, then think again. Maggie Bags presents amazing handbags that are not only fashionable, but also green. When it comes to recycling, Maggie Bags believes that the greenest option of all is to create something new from something that is not being used, diverting usable products from our landfills and saving the resources required to make new materials. So, the firm recycles rejected seat belt material into a line of stunning handbags.

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Annually millions of yards of genuine automotive seat belt webbing are rejected by automakers, Maggie Bags utilizes these waste materials to create eco-chic handbags. The bags are built simply by implementing cut-and-sew operation, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new material and energy-consuming recycling processes. These sophisticated handbags are definitely a great style statement maker.

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