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Ellum – a smart, multipurpose, solar-powered light

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Los Angeles based studio Feltmark, specialized in designing versatile home accessories, has revealed their new ambitious project – Ellum Solar Light. The design is inspired from the need of a very portable, independent, and multipurpose energy-efficient light source.  The light is solar-powered, thus, greener option that can work off-grid.  Let’s take a brief look at its design, efficiency and scopes.

Design and Material

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Made from solid hardwood and handcrafted, the Ellum Solar is an example of minimalist candybar shape design with slender curved corners, which gives it an aesthetic appeal. The purposefully formed design includes body and mount that conceals aligning neodymium magnets, so that it could be clipped anywhere on metal surface. A huge solar panel and LED diffuser is housed underside the frame. It could work as desk lamp and is portable enough to easily carry with yourself anywhere you go.

Smart Features

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The Ellum solar light includes a photodiode for as ambient light sensor and passive infrared motion sensor that switch the light off-on on detection of motion. For instance, when you kid wake up at night to go to bathroom, the light can turn on and adjust the brightness. It comes with three different modes – motion sensor, touch dimmer, and lamp only. Other than Motion Sensor mode, you can disable motion sensors with Lamp only mode, adjust brightness with touch in Touch Dimmer mode.

Specification and Other Features

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The Ellum LED light can deliver 240 lumens of warm light for about four hours after a charging of 7-8 hours. It features a 3.7v 2400mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery, charge indicator, ambient light sensor, magnetic pivot hinge, motion illumination.  The light measures 3.18”x1.00”x.50” and weighs only 7 oz. For energy generation, it uses monocrystaline Silicon Solar Cells.  The design allows for efficient charging after the light is placed on a surface receiving plenty of sunlight.  An LED indicator keep user informed on the amount of sunlight being received so that the positioning could be altered to make most of the sunlight.

This handcrafted light is made of quality materials and is the second iteration of Ellum Smart Lights. The original version was launched in 2015. The second version is smarter and affordable and suits well to the need of those looking for portable, independent source of energy that could be carried easily and clipped on any surface. It also makes a good emergency light. The light comes in two versions – the American Walnut and Hard White Mapple.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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