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Elm and Willow House restored for Edwardian comfort

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An Edwardian house in Melbourne, Australia, underwent restoration that imparted it a certain tinge of transparency and openness. Dubbed as the Elm and Willow House, now, the lodge flaunts an “inside is outside is inside” environment. Architects EAT demolished the rear of the property and constructed another to replace it. Moreover, making the most of the passive solar orientation, the U-shaped plan encloses the north-facing courtyard.

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The two trees lift the whole construction over a horizontal pedestal, just to avoid any damage to the critical root zones. The structural engineers did a commendable job in supplying the house with a passive ventilation system, a skeletal structure of skin and bones and non-load-bearing glass sliding windows. Completing the entire construction with non-toxic and renewable resources, the engineers have ensured that there is no heat loss. “Deciduous trees provide essential shading to the house during summer.” Well, that is not all, for sure!

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The house employs rainwater harvesting and the collected water is used for watering the gardens. The developer also wishes to construct a new carport with grid-connected solar power panels.

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Via: World Architecture News