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Embrace the rising popularity of energy efficient windows

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Energy efficient windows are the in thing. Rightly so as they help conserve energy and bring down your electricity bills. They keep your house warm in the winters and cool in the summers. This is mainly due to the multiple panes which has trapped gas which slows down the process of heat exchange.

Why are energy efficient windows growing in popularity?


Due to the below-mentioned benefits energy efficient windows are growing popularity

  • They help you save money as they reduce your electricity bills considerably. They bring down the HVAC costs. There is less use of energy and this helps in reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • They make your homes more comfortable. You get rid of problems like overheated homes and rooms.
  • They give the other benefits like better light and ventilation. There is less condensation and reduction in fading.

How the finer points of energy efficient windows matter?

You can make use of double glazing or triple glazing. This will have two or three sheets of glass respectively. The type of glass used will also matter. Windows with good efficiency normally have argon,xenon,krypton gas in between the glass sheets. Make sure that the pane spacers have very little metal if you want more energy efficient windows.

As for the frame material, you can make use of UPVC,wood,aluminium,steel or composite frames. Fibre glass is one of the best materials for these types of windows. Fibre glass is eco-friendly. The degradation process of fibre glass is slower and thereby the windows made from this material last longer.

Achieving energy efficiency with best designs tips

Young mother and daughter doing yoga exercise in fitness studio with big windows on background

Use the following tips and designs for windows one can achieve better energy efficiency

  • Do not think that wood is your only option for frames. Go for other materials like vinyl which is a cheaper option and also helps in reducing leakage of air. You can also go in for aluminium. Though this may not be your preferred choice but remember aluminium can withstand rough weather and lasts long.
  • Opt for windows that will provide you with better insulation. One of the best choices is double paned argon gas filled windows which will provide better insulation. These windows help in protecting the house from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Make sure that the windows are fitted well in order to ensure as this will ensure there is no thermal loss.
  • By making use of innovative ideas like lighter colour paints,mirrors in the room, slanting the sides so that better light comes inside the room make sure that the room is well lit and not dark.
  • If you reside in a country that has harsh winters or summers, make use of shading devices just above the windows.Overhangs, pergolas etc. are used for the purpose so that proper amount of light enters the room and the room also remains protected against excessive heating and cooling.
  • The windows should have lesser Solar heat gain co-efficient. Lower the SHGC,lesser will be the amount of solar heat transmitted.

Window designs

For better efficiency make use of following designs:

  • Double hung windows in which the bottom of the window can be raised upwards. They are energy efficient but do not have the best design.
  • If you live in areas where there is too much breeze, go in for casement windows. They open towards the outside. They close tightly and are hence useful when the wind blows.
  • Pictures windows which do not open are also found to be energy efficient to a large extent.

Energy efficient windows are truly a budget friendly option which provides comfort and save money.