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Embracing the Green Wave

by DrPrem Jagyasi


It seems an idea has finally come into its own with the turning of the 21st century as we see more and more green ideas take hold. What used to be something that only “granola eating hippies” could love has become so widespread that many are now seeing it as commonplace. From green ideas for office supplies to green ways you can raise your kids, thinking about the ecology as well as the economy has become a way of life for more people than ever.

The Rise of the Tiny House Movement

using solar power

One aspect of “thinking green” that has taken hold is the movement towards owning less, including owning a smaller home. The tiny house movement began as a niche move towards living in smaller places, and then took off. As the technology for portable tiny homes improved, so too did green technology such as new approaches to solar power that have been keeping every patent attorney Dallas TX has to offer on a busy schedule. If Texas can support this green movement, so too can the rest of the country.

Recycling Becomes the Norm

Lawrenceville, GA, USA - November 23, 2013: An "Electronics Recycling" sign marks the spot for people to drop off old computers, TV's , etc. at Gwinnett County's America Recycles Day event.

Back in the 70s when recycling was really just beginning, the idea was only embraced by “back to earth” types who were looking for ways to be self-sustaining. But as cities began to realize that dumping everything into a giant landfill was going to soon leave them with no place to hide, they began to look at recycling as a solution. Today we see everything from reusable batteries to flip flops made out of recycled tires. The more creative we get at it, the more opportunities we begin to embrace.

Changes to Old MacDonald’s Farm


While fast food has become so widespread it has grown to be blight for many cities, we are also beginning to learn that how and what we eat should also be part of our green lifestyle. Public pressure has resulted in changes being made in how farms raise animals and what they feed them. Buying organic produce and grass-fed beef has gone from a small niche market to one big enough to sustain entire grocery stores. The rise of the local farmers market has made it easier for many to eat locally and in a sustainable manner.

Getting Around Green

Nissan Leaf

One of the biggest changes has been the return of the electric car, and a feeling that this time we just may do it right. With champions of the new green car movement such as Elon Musk, the transportation segment of the green revolution finally has found a home. From what we eat to what we dress ourselves with and how we get to work and play, the green movement is finally here to stay.