Emergence can make your loved ones live a green after life

While most people work towards designing eco-friendly products so they can make your lives easier, French designers Enzo Pacual and Pierre Riviere have turned afterlife greener in a unique, innovative, and beautiful way. Check out how they have planned to turn a cemetery into a place of worship and peace, as well as a reservoir of life.

The design inspiration behind Emergence

Emergence is a project that has taken its inspiration from the deep meaning of life. As it is believed that everything around us does not go anywhere and simply changes its form, the same applies topeople when they are dead. Imagine if a loved one could take a beautiful form after death and keep supporting life in anecological way.

Emergenceis a type of tank that can help in turning a dead individual into a green tree full of life. The concept can turn the entire cemetery into a wonderful forest where the friends and family of deceased ones can meditate any time in a natural setting.

The working and benefits of Emergence concept

Emergence  2

This system involves an upper part and an underground portion. The underground part is constructed in a way that it gains the potential of biodegrading a coffin. As it supports the growth of microorganisms, they further go on biodegrading the body with the help of carbon dioxide that they absorb from the atmosphere.

This helps in enriching the soils at the place of burial. The upper part of Emergence uses bio-plastic as the material while the base part uses bio-composites. These materials are 100% compostable and bio-based. They are also rigid and simple to install. In addition, the upper part is 100% transparent.

The upper portion includes two modules. One of these modules is the reservoir of life and the other is a foundation set for meditation purposes. Both the modules are made of concrete. The reservoir of life, promoting the extension of a deceased’s life in the form of a tree,is connected to thedead one’s coffin.Thus, it keeps gaining nutrition from the enriched soiland keeps growing.

However, it does not end here. The tree not only keeps the environment cleaner and greener, but also helps in producing non-stop electricity and light. The entire technology is neat, efficient, and quiet. It is an extremely eco-friendly way to keep life alive after death.

The concept of Emergence is energy-efficient and completely green. It not only gives a lively form to a deceased individual, but also turns the burial place into a nature-friendly meditation setting.

Source : DesignBoom.Com

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