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What’s Next: Zero emission vehicles powered by air

Air powered car

As we know it

The environment today is in a critical condition, it is crying out loud for a change in people’s behavior so as to sustain life on Earth. Vehicular pollution is a major contributor to environmental depletion besides industrial waste. The fuel used to run the vehicles tends to produce harmful gases which result in environmental pollution. Many companies have come up with vehicles running on alternative fuels or technologies. One of the emerging technology is the use of compressed air to propel vehicles.

This new technology is super alluring as it involves low cost of fuel production and has many other major advantages. The air powered vehicle emit zero pollution and are thus the future of automobiles. The most appealing feature of these vehicles is that they rely on air as fuel. The highly compressed air is store under high pressure which when released runs the piston which ultimately powers the engine of the vehicle. The cost of operations of compressed air engines is extremely low and it is estimated that the compressed air tank can be filled with $2 worth of electricity.

Need for change

The technology of air engines can prove to be useful only when manufacturers show interest in it and start using it on a large scale. A lot of infrastructural development is also required. Compressed air powered cars have the potential of delivering performance at par with other cars on the market. There is a need to develop this technology further so that the loss of energy is minimized. This technology will definitely alter the fate of the environment and make earth a better place to live in. Big car manufacturing companies like Toyota, Volvo, Honda, etc have already taken steps to adopt these air powered engines.

What’s next?

1. Toyota’s air powered Ku:Rin


What’s new?

Toyota Motors has successfully developed a car which is powered by compressed air, the three wheeler car has been named Ku:Rin. This car represents the expertise of Toyota in manufacturing good quality automotive air conditioning systems’ compressors. This car is entirely powered by air and looks like a steam punk vehicle which you will surely not be able to resist. This car offers a spectacularly high speed which is rare for a compressed air engine.

What difference will it make?

Ku:Rin is definitely a class apart invention which is the future of transportation. This car looks like an arrow, it was designed by a team of 40 people at the Toyota industries Corporation’s Dream Car Workshop. The name of this vehicle is derived from two Japanese words Ku- air and Rin- wheels. This car is highly eco-friendly and emits zero carbon. Use of this car might save the non renewable natural resources like natural gas, diesel and petrol. Ku-Rin offers a speed on 80.3 mph on air compressor.


The main problem with Ku-Rin is its poor range of just 3.2 km. User will have to get get steam refilled very frequently. As of now the car is not in production due to lack of practicability.

2. Volvo’s air-powered Air Motion concept

Volvo’s air-powered car

What’s new?

Volvo entered the 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge competition with the Air Motion and this eco-friendly car won many compliments for its stylish design. This zero emission concept car will be totally powered by compressed air. It weighs less than 1000lbs thanks to its carbon fiber body, its light weights adds to its advantage. The swanky body of this car adds to the delight of its being an eco-friendly zero emission car.

What difference will it make?

The Air Motion from Volvo might simply change the future of travelling and have positive impact on the environment. This car weighs less than a Formula 1 car and is thus all the more appealing. Air replenishment sites are majorly being used for compressing the air.


The only problem with this car is that mass production can not be initiated in the near future due to lack of infrastructural development.

3. Honda Air lightweight concept car is propelled by compressed air

Honda air powered car

What’s new?

A lightweight air concept car has been designed by Honda to transform the future of transportation. Like Volvo, Honda too designed this vehicle for the 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge competition. This car weighs less than 1000lbs and can easily carry four people. The design of this car has been inspired by sky diving wing suits and roller coasters.

What difference will it make?

The Honda Air looks like a delight, Honda has done an exceptional designing for this air fueled car. This car is completely powered by a pneumatic regulator system and compressed air. The tank pressure is regenerated by external air flow and turbo vacuums. The boost is significantly increased for a smooth 100 mile ride. The body panels of the Honda Air are made up of vegetable based polymers.


There is not any significant problem with this Honda car, the only issue is that it has not been produced in large numbers and is still a concept.

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