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8 Tips You Can Employ for Eco-Friendly Car Care

by DrPrem Jagyasi

There are always ways that you can use to keep your ride in the best condition possible while saving you a few bucks. From washing your car to using interior cleaners, you can always contribute in the eco-friendly car cleaning movement. Here are 8 ways in which you can give your car an eco-friendly car care it deserves without compromising the quality.

  1. Cut off Unnecessary Weight

You need to remove all the unnecessary weight from your car for one single reason,it decreases fuel economy. You can’t do much about the actual weight of your vehicle but you can always avoid adding extra weight to your ride. It is an obvious fact that more fuel is required to move more weight, hence you can remove extra weight to boost your fuel economy.

  1. Get Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires

Tires are the most impacting part of your car that decides how much fuel it will consume while on the road. Due to several reasons like, natural deflection, deformation, and hysteresis that contribute to the wastage of energy nowadays, several tire manufacturers have devised fuel-saving tires, known as low-rolling-resistance tires that can greatly increase your ride’s fuel efficiency. When compared to ordinary or standard tires, these new innovative car rollers are able to save you a lot of fuel.

  1. Right Grade of Gasoline

There are primarily 3 types of fuel available for your car – regular, plus, and premium. Most car manuals come with recommendations to use premium fuel for the best maintenance of your car but latest advances in engine technology allows you to switch to regular type of fuel without having any significant downgrade of your engine or reduction in efficiency. The only drawback of making use of regular fuel over premium is that it will slow your car’s acceleration but worry not as it is a less than a noticeable change.

  1. Use Essential Oils Infused Dryer Sheets

There are a lot of odors inside your car. To deal with them, you can make use of biodegradable dryer sheets that are available under several brand names. You can put these pleasant-smelling sheets on the seats as well as in the crevices and pockets of your car. The best part of these products is that they make use of essential oils instead of artificially prepared chemicals, and hence are safer than commercial air-fresheners.

  1. Utilize Green Interior Cleaners

There are a number of efficient interior cleaners available for cleansing the interiors of your car but they do come with numerous warnings about skin contact and inhalation dangers. Most of these products contain ammonia and/or harmful chemicals that restrict you from breathingfreely inside the car. So, you need to use green interior cleaners that are free from ammonia and are infused with harmless essential oils.

  1. Save Water by Washing Your Car Yourself

Commercial car washes decently frees your car from dirt, dust, and other stains but they do contain harmful chemicals. Also, they require a very large amount of water for the purpose. Therefore, you can wash your ride on your own with some fresh water, a scrubber, and soap/washing powder.

  1. Take Smart Drives

You can combine your wits and driving experience to go eco-friendly with your ride. You need to avoid abrupt starts and stops, drive according to the speed limit, look for fuel economy, minimize unnecessary miles, combine different errands that require separate drives, use best directions, etc. Aggressive driving wastes fuel and reduces mileage, therefore avoid it.

  1. Keep an Eye Out For Air Filters

Dirty air filters can tune down your engine. An air filter that is clogged with dirt, dust, etc. needs to be immediately replaced with a new one. Replacing your older air filter with a newer one improves your car’s acceleration as well as performance. Therefore, you need to keep a regular check on your car’s air filters. It is advised to get your air filter inspected for damage at each oil change. A best practice is to replace the air filters on a yearly basis. 

Whether you decide to drive smart from now on or use only green cleaning agents for your car cleaning, your car will be getting the best eco-friendly care it deserves.

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