Home Green Products Guide Make your employees more productive with this geometrical ChairONE and TableONE combo

Make your employees more productive with this geometrical ChairONE and TableONE combo

If you are looking for some nice pieces of furniture for your office and are interested in something that keeps your employees comfortable and productive, as well as offers a greener option, then do check out this innovative furniture created by the Chinese designer Shu Wun Chan. Shu has come out with a collection of well-furnished office furniture. This includes ChairONE and TableONE combos that you would love to decorate in a stylish and modern office space. There is a table and a seat that both reflect a simple and minimal design, which may essentially be the requirement of a regular workstation.

ChairONE and TableONE

This range of office furnishing has been crafted out of recycled plastic and sustainable plywood. The use of such green materials has effectively been highlighted by leaving a bare structure of ChairONE and TableONE. This further highlights the furniture’s specific composition, as well as joints existing between varied shapes and geometrical patterns. Its linear and rigid geometry reflects a characterization of several elements included in the design. The creative shape of these pieces of furniture makes them look very sober and elegant.

The ChairONE and TableONE furniture set is available in various color shades and combinations. You could make a choice that is best suitable per your office decor and finish. The items are available in white, black and natural shades so these could fit well in any room, whether it be with a touch of modern or traditional style. The chair may also provide a side stand on which your handbag can be placed or your coffee mug may rest. This furniture is designed to offer a convenient seating while maintaining a proper body posture. So, office people would love this cool gift at their workstations and won’t mind giving a little extra to their work.