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Energizer to debut three solar lanterns this spring

energizer solar spot light

Haitians would have needed them the most, I suppose. Still, with a month to go before Energizer unveils its new line of solar-powered lighting options: a solar folding lantern, a crank flashlight and a spot light, the gadgets will be handy for hikers and day-trippers alike. The first two asking for a five hours’ solar charge to deliver 2.5 hours of light-time is impressive, to say the least. The solar spot light promises half an hour more.

energizer solar folding lantern

While the solar folding lantern works stupendously, no matter if it is overcast days or early mornings, the solar crank flashlight that includes lifetime LEDs may ask you to power it manually. Featuring a car cigarette lighter adapter, the solar spot light can be recharged via DC power too. The floating flashlight is ideal for any water-based activities.

energizer solar crank light

Via: LA Times