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Energy Demand May Lead to 52% More CO2 output by 2030

If global warming can deepen misery across Asia, it is not expected to spare even other parts of the world. Doesn’t matter how equipped you are to tackle the rising calamities, it is not possible to handle a global collapse of the eco-system. Fossil-fuel, the factor which we can immediately and directly handle is a culprit of this changing climate. Then why not start from this point, by becoming a responsible and smart citizen then talking and thinking big? Energy demand is soaring in leaps and bounds. And if it goes on this way, it will cause global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to rise by 52% in the next 25 years, according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2005. The report says, if the present trends continue the world energy demand will increase by more than 50%, fueled by the booming economies of large developing countries including China and India.

Via: The Guardian