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Energy Efficient Lighting Project combines sleek design with energy efficiency

Have you tried to calculate the amount of energy consumed by your table-top lamp? I bet you want it to be as low as possible. With ever increasing demand for electricity, the need of the hour is energy efficient appliance. From the first electric bulb to today’s compact florescent lamp (CFL), the evolution has been toward better design and more noticeably, energy efficiency.Efficient Lighting Project

This is an attempt by Toby Fox, a graduate in product designing from DeMontfort University, UK. As part of his project, he has come up with an innovative table-top light cum torch prototype design that is not only economical but futuristic as well. The design, dubbed as Energy Efficient Lighting Project, consists of a single unit with a base that elongates diagonally to hold four pebble shaped pockets, four pebble shaped light bulbs and a power cord. The pockets hold the light pebbles and are made of neoprene (an elastic material) that can be forced inward or outward. The light pebbles can be detachable and can be placed with the pockets either facing inward or outward to suite your choice and ambiance. The detachable light pebbles can also be used as a portable light source just like a torch. The unit holds four light pebbles, thus provides four portable light sources at your disposal. The light pebbles as portable light source last until the charge, which can be recharged upon placing them back in the pockets.

The prototype is not only an attractive looking table-top lamp with customizable pockets and detachable portable light pebbles, but more importantly, is energy efficient. The prototype now requires a manufacturer to buy the design and make it commercially viable for consumers’ purchase. If successful, do not be surprised to find this at your nearby lighting store.