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Reducing the cost of running a modern home is not as easy as it sounds. Our bills seem to get higher all the time, not to mention our carbon footprint affecting the earth.

However, there are a few things we can all do reduce both our expenses and the consequences they have on the planet. Here is a guide to a few of the things we can all do in our homes.

Adjust Your Thermostat Where Possible

The temperature in our homes is a strange thing. We tend to find a temperature we like and then stick to it by setting our thermostats at this level every month without considering whether we always need it this heated.

By simply lowering your thermostat to reduce the performance of your electric radiators, UK energy bills can decrease by 10% for a potential saving of £60 per year. Making sure that the thermostat is altered so that the heating system is not automatically warming the home when no one is home is also an important energy saving technique.

If everyone adjusted their thermostat to a lower degree when necessary the resulting reduction would help the environment immeasurably. Modern heating app controls offer easy usage that will make this a reality.

Don’t Heat For Draughts

Draughts are naturally going to occur around your home under doors and window frames. Heating a home for a draught costs more and creates unnecessary impact on the environment as radiators work harder to manage a comfortable temperature while much of the heat generated simply escapes through the doors and windows.

You can instead invest in a strong mastic sealant that stops cold air spreading at a much cheaper overall cost. Draught excluder devices made with strong materials possessing eco-friendly properties will also make a difference, and can simply be removed during the summer when that extra bit of cool air may actually be appreciated.

Closing doors and pulling curtains when possible is also a simple but overlooked means of reducing the loss of warm air.

Smiling woman standing at window with curtains and pulling drapes
Smiling woman standing at window with curtains and pulling drapes

Use Eco Friendly Radiators

Nothing will decrease your energy use more than investing in eco-friendly radiators for your home. These advanced systems utilize the latest technology to provide the kind of advanced performance that old night storage heaters of yesteryear simply cannot offer.

Many homes still use old systems that release tract amounts of carbon which harm the earth and can also cause discomfort. These systems have all the benefits of all other electric storage heaters without the negative impact.

Modern radiators are also not expensive and require only a short installation process. They come in a range of stylish, slim designs and many colours ideal for complementing the décor of any modern home.


Little Changes Can Help

Saving energy need not always involve a big investment like electric radiators, as small adjustments can make all the difference too. Actions such as using energy saving light bulbs, using washing machines and dishwashers only when full, fixing leaking taps and filling the kettle with only the water required are just a few ways to save both money and energy.


Is Everything Turned Off?

Much like ensuring the thermostat does not turn on when no one is home, it is vital that electrical gadgets be turned off when not being used. Leaving televisions, computers and other electrical devices on standby is a foolish action that we are all guilty of from time to time. The simple act of checking that these systems are off before leaving the home saves energy and is one of the most useful ways of saving money. Start turning those systems off and just watch how much money you save each month!

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