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Enviromesh: The next generation concrete reinforcing technology


Designed by Adam Doyle, Glenn Bevan, and Craig Roughan, Enviromesh is a next generation concrete reinforcing technology. It is a light weight building product, made from glass fiber and recyclable polymer. Its well executed design enables easy installation and makes it a strong alternative for regular steel reinforcing mesh.

The overall idea was to reduce the affects of corrosion on the structure, for which Enviromesh is made corrosion resistant, that helps to prolong the life of buildings and structures by minimizing the risk of concrete cancer. Though, it would be typically used in the same manner the way traditional steel mesh is used, the product has an obvious advantage over steel mesh as it enhances the longevity and reduces the hassle of costly repairs.

Other than the durability, the design offers effortless set up, workplace safety, and less consumption of valuable resources. Overall, the intelligent use of materials makes it an environment friendly and a cost effective product. Looking at the benefits of Enviromesh, it will certainly be a smart choice for many builders, however; the earthquake prone areas might still have to stick to the old aged steel meshing. As far as the pricing is concerned, it need not be available at the same price as steel mesh, but at comparable price tag.

Via: Designtoimprovelife