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Classic film projector pops out of old auto parts

classic film projector built from old auto parts 1

Here is a remarkable film projector made from scrap. We are all aware of the merits of recycling. Not only does it change waste products into new products but it also prevents unnecessary usage of new raw materials. This incredible classic film projector made by Armando Ramirez recycles waste products to create a real, working film projector and that too with an antique look.

classic film projector built from old auto parts 3

What is even more noteworthy is the very idea of recycling materials which are no longer usable. Made from a variety of scrap metals and various auto parts – from pulleys of a toy train engine to the ignition wheel of a car – this product is a perfect source of inspiration for all. The projector created from these materials has an old-world rustic look and finish.

Armando Ramirez says,

As a child I enjoyed inventing toys, and soon yearned to create a unique style of art. Environmentally enamored, I now transform recycled goods.

To make the rustic film projector he made use of diverse materials – spark plugs, pulleys from toy trains, chains and wheels of a motorcycle, ignition wheel of a car, bearing of an electrical system and last but not the least the foot and diaphragm of the clutch pedal.

classic film projector built from old auto parts 2

The film projector is totally stunning and seems as if it belongs to the ancient age. The idea is unique and conveys that there is an art even in recycling. Recycling waste products if done wisely not only contributes to protecting the environment but can also create something useful.

This projector is available at mexico.novica.com at $254.95 and its product code is 175786. The projector has a very mechanical look and it can be used in offices and educational institutions. The projector serves the dual purpose of being a practical application and an environmental inspiration.

The Novica website has other eco-friendly items as well.