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Seven environmentally friendly bathroom decor products

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In our discussions and debates regarding showing our concern towards the Mother Earth, we often talk about going green by using environmental friendly products in our day-to-day lives. But, in the course of time we forget to ask ourselves how many of us really take an effort to be kind towards the nature. Today, let us discuss how, by using eco-friendly bathroom accessories and decor items, we can, in true words, make the planet earth a better place to live in.

Although, bathrooms have mostly been the most neglected part of our houses, being described by most people as simply a place to complete their morning ablutions, in the recent past more and more people have changed their views regarding this and have become extremely conscious in maintaining their bathrooms as beautifully and hygienically as the rest of their home and surrounding. It is here where we can feel proud in claiming our contribution towards saving Mother Earth and being kind to it by making our bathrooms green or environmental friendly.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” meaning if you really have the zeal to fulfill a particular task, you can achieve or finish it successfully. Eco-friendly bathroom designs and accessories help us to fulfill our dreams of making our toilets environmental friendly. The important fittings and fixtures of our bathrooms, manufactured by leading companies in this field, lend assistance to our motives, making our task simple and easy. Using fluorescent and natural lights to save energy, installing reduced flow showers and low flow toilet flushes to save water in our bathrooms can also do the needful. To add on, even paints with less amount of toxins and chemical free cleaning products are available to keep our toilets neat and clean. Coming to bathroom accessories, use of re-cycled toilet papers and natural soaps made from natural ingredients can act as good alternatives for ones without them. Better options, available in the form of Hemp, instead of linen and shower curtains can be a good resolution as well.

Let us take into account seven such eco-friendly decor products for our bathroom:

1. Root bowls

These are hand carved wooden containers made from discarded root-balls of trees which not only impart a unique look to out toilet area, but are also very convenient to display and store all bath accessories. These can be placed near the wash basins and also on extra shelves, if any, making your bathroom look extremely different and beautiful. This product ranges between 35$ and 149$.

2. Hand-painted shower curtains

Shower curtains are a must for all toilets in order to keep it spic and span. However, keeping in mind the eco-friendly effect, many designers and artists are now recommending the use of hand painted water color shower curtains. Even the handles are made from paint brushes adding a new color to your bathroom and giving it a new life altogether. The price of this product is 50$ onwards.

3. Reversible towels

Very few of us really go deep into thinking that huge gallons of water is wasted in washing our towels every day. However, this new introduction in the form of reversible towels made from 100% organic cotton can be used for a couple of days at a stretch thus enabling us not to get them washed every day. These towels are easily available for a price of 3.50$ and up.

4. Soy candles

Candles add a different kind of aesthetic look to an area making it lively and enlightened. Soy candles being one of them, they are soothingly scented, imparting fragrance calmly to the toilet area, combined with a sweet smell of almond, honey and milk. These candles, again, are made from eco-friendly ingredients and can be acquired at as low a range as 4.50$ onwards.

5. Mineral bath rug

Organic bath mats and rugs, made from 100% organic cotton and by using natural dyes, are sheared on one side and looped on the other. These rugs are invented to fit most stringent standards and can be bought at 22$ and above. Both eco-friendly and useful, these rugs make our toilets attractive and unusual.

6. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are manufactured from natural raw materials undergoing environmentally conscious processing techniques which save a lot of energy and power. Absolutely elegant for both walls as well as the floor, these tiles come in a variety of designs, textures and color combinations which can be used to adorn our bathroom area.

7. Sliding door storage shelf

No one wants to enter into a cluttered bathroom space. Even though your bathroom might not have a huge space at its disposal, you can avoid it from being messy by installing these slim storage shelves made from composite wood and frosted glass for its doors. It not only adds beauty to your toilet, but also lends you enough space to store all your personal bathroom belongings. These are priced at 100$ and up.

Containers, holders, storage boxes made of bamboo, bio-degradable soap cases and shampoo bottles, wooden rods and so on, the list of environmental friendly products available in the market is never ending. All you have to do is make up your mind to do your bit to protect Mother Earth from adverse situations by taking simple yet useful steps in and around your daily routine.

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