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Environmentally friendly tables crafted from old tile laths

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People don’t even think once before disposing things. But there are a few who understand the value of thrown away materials and give them an eye-appealing form. Max Jungblut is one such artist, who has crafted The Entrance (2010) and The Presence (2011) using old tile laths. These amazing pieces of art have been handcrafted in an elegant manner.

The artist has created these masterpieces by using natural materials. According to him, they are tougher and have much better characteristics than new tiles. Normally, when tile laths are used during construction, they get hidden by other materials. Max has made an effort to give these discarded tiles an artistic appeal. He has enveloped the objects with them so that the tiles remain noticeable. The artist pooled 850 hours from his life to craft, The Entrance. To make sure that the table has a smooth and shiny look, he spent 300 hours to cover it with candle wax.

Max has made his creations more sustainable by following necessary steps, which will preserve them for a few hundred years. All the wood came from structures that were a good 100 to 200 years old. Both the tables have been given a distinctive yet graceful appearance, keeping the eco-friendliness intact. Place the tables at home or in a hotel, they are bound to capture attention and spread a green message.

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