Everything you want to know about brick recycling

brick recycling

Like we all know, recycling is the need of the hour. With natural resources of all sorts depleting faster than ever it is an imperative that we all put in our substantial efforts to recycle anything and everything that we can. Bricks are an integral part of any construction. But in the cases of a demolition of a building there is a massive wastage of precious bricks when there is a way of having them recycled. In this article we will be telling you all about brick recycling so that the next time such scope arise you do not miss out on the opportunity.

Some important things to know about brick recycling

  1. Why it is important?

    brick recyclingBefore we go on to learn about some methods of recycling of bricks it is important to know why in the first place the recycling of bricks is so very important. Bricks are made from the mining of minerals which are not present in infinite quantities. It is expensive as an activity and takes a lot of efforts to make the bricks. So it is important before disposing of bricks to ensure that they are duly recycled. Too much mining activities for shale asphalt etc. are also harmful for the environment and thus recycling is extremely important and necessary.
  2. Chipping of bricks:

    This is an easy and convenient way of brick recycling if you prepare for this beforehand. Chipping of bricks can be useful when it comes to getting used in landscapes.
  3. Crushed finely:

    This is yet another form of brick recycling where the crushed bricks can be used as a substitute for sand. It can also be used up in the preparation of new bricks. Thus it avoids the wastage of such precious minerals and can be used up again thus making the recycling process a success. This way construction waste can be transformed into something a lot more useful instead of just piling up as garbage.
  4. Reuse in construction:

    Reuse in constructionIf the demolition process is systematic enough then this is a possibility. This would be the easiest forms of brick recycling requiring hardly any efforts. Just while you are doing the deconstruction, the bricks have to be taken out with care so that they do not end up being broken. Then these bricks can easily be used in another construction and the recycling would be complete.
  5. To give an antique look:

    This is something that you can never get out of new bricks. When there is a restoration work going on at a heritage site or there is some requirement of a worn out look, the old bricks are the best bet. These can thus be easily recycled thus so as to preserve the essence of the construction or monument and this is where recycling of bricks come in very handy.
  6. Fireplaces and walkways:

    There are certain constructions which do not require the bricks of the finest quality. One issue that we face while construction of bricks is that the old bricks are never of the strong and fine quality as the new ones. So to use them in the construction of houses can be something that puts you off. But when it comes to constructions such as fireplaces or walkways you can easily use them. Gather the bricks at a demolition site and make the best use of them by making fine fireplaces and walkways in the garden or around the house.
  7. As a weight:

    brick recycling
    A brick can be effectively used as a weight in many cases. It can hold lighter things in place against strong wind conditions or help you set up a small tent in the garden for gardening purposes. If you are to recycle only a few bricks this is a handy trick to know.
  8. Backyard installation:

    The recycling of bricks can come in very handy when you try to build some of your own backyard installations. You do not need high end bricks for this purpose and it can be easily taken care of in the backyard installations. Build your own sitting places and benches in the garden with brick recycling at your service.
  9. Earth 911:

    This is a great service provided to you for the recycling of anything and even brick recycling is taken care of by them. They will let you know about the nearest brick recycling centers which you can use to recycle certain amount of bricks. This takes the workload off you and you can simply go and dispose off your stock of bricks in this. 
  10. Tennis surfaces:

    tennis surface
    You have loved the sport but have you given much thought to how the average tennis court is made. The tennis surfaces are made from bricks that are powdered and used up in the construction. This provides the ground a lot of firmness which is a necessity when it comes to tennis courts. It is also an easy way of brick recycling whenever the need arises.
  11. Advantages:

    There is a lot at stake when it comes to the recycling of bricks. Instead of mere construction waste it can be transformed into something a lot more useful in nature. As a construction site manager or a builder there is enough incentive to undergo the process of recycling of bricks. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment you are also going to earn a substantial amount literally from the mere waste. So it is high time that you adopted the practices to make construction an even more profitable venture for you.

Final words

Not that you read this article we hope that you will put this knowledge to good use. Disposing of bricks is easy but should be done the right way with enough scope for recycling. In a world of building and breaking there are enormous quantities of construction waste and this is why the management of this waste becomes so very important. Use these recycling tips in any demolition site and do not let such precious building materials go to waste.

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