Evo5 futuristic sports car flaunts roof-mounted solar panels

Evo5 futuristic sports car

The world is moving in two directions at once. First, with each passing day, we are getting better with our technology. Second, as we are getting better with our technology, we are also creating much more pollution. It is necessary that we combine both the directions into one. We must improve on our technology without harming the environment. In fact, this is what sustainable development is all about. Although this might seem like an impossible feat, innovative concepts like Evo5 futuristic sports car show that they are achievable. As a matter of fact, many such innovations are in store for us. The only thing that we need to do is, as consumers we should make a greener choice. This is the only way towards a greener future.

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Evo5 futuristic sports car

evo5 sports car 3

Designed by 3D Animator FlavioMac, the Evo5 is one hot property that anyone would dream to own. The sports car flaunting a stylish and innovative design comes wrapped in sustainability. Deriving inspiration from the Tron bikes, this cutie-pie will tear the wind with super-fast speed. It features magnetic wheels that have a subsonic mudguard to keep it clean from dust and water. The futuristic Evo5  sports car incorporates solar cells on the roof that generate energy. This elegant high-speed car concept is sure to charm many adventure freaks.

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Some More Solar Powered Vehicle Concepts Similar to Evo5 sports car

1. Bethany


The Bethany is a vehicle that works on solar power. It was developed by a group of students from Cambridge University. With a meager weight of 170kg, the Bethany had the highly efficient silicon solar panels lining the body of the vehicle. Coupled with a regenerative braking system which recharges engines when applied, the Bethany characterized energy efficiency, cruising at 60 mph utilizing only as much energy as a hair dryer. Unfortunately, the price tag of £200,000 spelled commercial inviability.

2. TMT Palestine’s first solar electric car


The TMT was a single passenger vehicle.  It was the brainchild of the students of the Palestine Polytechnic University. The vehicle contains photovoltaic panels on the most part of the space behind the driver’s seat. In addition, it contains a battery which can support the vehicle for 100 minutes and the car itself can reach a speed of up to 30 mph. Moreover, one can easily recharge the 12 batteries providing a total of 24V at home or with the solar panels.

3. Ford Model-T replica

Ford Model-T replica

The Ford Model T replica actually owes its inception to a challenge from the Reduce The Juice Foundation. Furthermore, it also has a budget of $4300 part of which came from local companies. The students from Waterloo Collegiate Institute developed their solar-powered vehicle based on the Ford Model T and built it out of wood. In addition to including a “suicide switch” to kill the engine if the driver falls off, it can reach speeds of up to 50 kph. Furthermore, the solar panels for this model is located on the roof.

4. SolarWorld No.1

SolarWorld No.1

The SolarWorld No.1 is a racer that owes its inception to a group of 50 students and professors from he University of Applied Sciences, Bochum. The vehicle came into being over a period of 2 years. It incorporates an electric motor which fits into the front wheel rim and can deliver an efficiency of 94%. Moreover, the solar panels dot the body of the car covering a total area of 6 square meters. Furthermore, the car has an average speed of 74 kph and features a structure similar to mass produced commercial vehicles.

5. Sunswift IVy

Sunswift IVy

The brainchild of students from University of New Wales, the Sunswift IVy is a vehicle working on solar power that features a CSIRO 3 phase DC 1800W electric motor. Powering the motor is a lithium-ion polymer battery pack . It works with an array of solar cells producing an impressive 1200W. In addition, we can also mention a side note that the Sunswift IVy holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest car working on solar power.

6. Siemens Sunchaser

Siemens Sunchaser

The Siemens Sunchaser was developed by students from the American University of Sharjah, Australia in collaboration with Siemens. The solar panels power 30 Kokam 40Ah lithium ion batteries along with brushless DC motors. It is in 4 sub-arrays, the solar cells powering the Sunchaser are 740 Sanyo HIT 220 watts and BP 35U 50W. The car can reach up to a speed of 80 kph.

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7. Solar Car C4

Solar Car C4

The Solar Car C4 owes its inception to students from the Department of Traffic Engineering, Da Nang University of Technology in Vietnam. The basic design of the C4 is such that it features solar panels  on the roof the vehicle which powers the batteries, enabling it to reach a modest speed of 30 kph and costs about $3400. Nevertheless, solar power is also not the only fuel that can power the C4 as it can use liquefied natural gas as well.

8. Infinium Solar Car

Infinium solar car

The Infinium solar car  by students from the University of Michigan is a vehicle working on solar power which sports a sleek body consisting of lightweight materials. Lining the entire sleek framework of the vehicle are solar panels which power the vehicle. In addition, the Infinium can reach a speed of up to 70kph and weighs approximately 600 pounds.

9. Advay II

Advay II

A brainchild of 16 students from the Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi University in India, the Advay II is a modified version of a former solar powered vehicle the Advay I. The Advay II has had its weight reduced to 380 kg by restructuring the outer body with a carbon fiber and polyurethane foam mixture and the interior by aluminum. In addition, the aerodynamic design of the vehicle improves upon its predecessor by reducing resistance to air. The Advay II was developed over a period of one year.

10. Apollo’s Chariot


Named after the Greek God of the sun, Apollo’s Chariot is a solar-powered vehicle developed by a team of students at the American University of Beirut. The solar panels lining the 18 feet long and 6 feet wide body of the vehicle. They produce electricity of about 1000 watts, which they store in batteries. Moreover, the 1500 pound steel and fiberglass one-seater vehicle glides quietly on the roads and reach speeds up to 40 mph. The car was developed over a period of 9 months and it took $25000 of corporate sponsorships to be built.

Final Words

With the word “alternative energy source” being on everyone’s lips since the last decade, solar power seems to be the safest bet when it comes to cars. Although, never having been mass produced, the technology of solar-powered vehicles have been long known to the world since the days of Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins when they successfully drove from Perth to Sydney in a solar car way back in 1983. For the last half-century, the ideas pertaining to solar vehicles has resided mostly in articles, pictures and the drawing boards of students and researchers. Yet, undoubtedly there have been remarkable demonstrations of the enormous potential of solar powered cars throughout the years. Our future definitely has much more in the store for us.

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