Examples of Truly Eco-friendly Gifts

Truly Eco-friendly Gifts

You try hard to reduce your carbon footprint by eating a plant-based diet, taking public transportation, and recycling. But, when holiday time rolls around, you realize you will be expected to buy new things for people, and many of the most popular gifts may be items that are not environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there are a few gifts you can get for people that will not have a terrible impact on the earth.


A plant always makes a nice gift because it beautifies a person’s home and is not particularly expensive. You can give a person a house plant or something to put in the backyard. Some house plants can greatly improve the air quality in your home.

There are a lot of pollutants in the average home, no matter how clean you are. House plants that can clean the air include areca palms, rubber plants, and peace lilies. Dracaenas are considered the very best filters. They will warm the room and eliminate dangerous pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide.

There is also evidence that a plant can help a person’s psychological health.

Eco-Friendly Bags and Shirts

A custom-made T-shirt or handbag made of eco-friendly material makes a great gift. There are websites that will allow you to upload a design and have it printed on a shirt, fashion accessory, or novelty item. The better websites will offer items in eco-friendly materials.

If you click printful.com/eco-friendly-gifts, you will find information about eco-friendly shirts and bags. Biodegradable items are always a good option when you visit one of these sites.

Some companies offer high-tech sewing machines that can embroider the design, name, or phrase of your choice onto an item. You can put an earth-positive slogan on a hat or tote bag or put an image of an endangered species on a sweatshirt.

A Basket of Eco-Friendly Necessities

Organic products are not exactly cheap. If you have a friend who would love to live an eco-friendly life but cannot afford it, you can put together a basket of staples. Fill the basket with household products, food, or personal care products.

Eco-friendly household goods can be very expensive. For example, you can get a roll of plastic wrap for a few dollars, but the bee’s wax alternative will cost $20 or so. A bottle of environmentally sound cleaning fluid will cost more than the generic cleaner you will buy at the dollar store.

Personal care products that are vegan and made from biodegradable products are pricey but gentler on the skin than other products. You can find a basket of soaps, lotions, and potions that are not tested on animals and won’t hurt the earth.

A basket of organic vegetarian snacks and candies is always appreciated. Stock your basket with organic flour, honey, and spices.

Giving an eco-friendly gift will ease your guilt about your impact on the environment. It will make the recipient feel good about themselves and show them that you care about them and how they live.

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