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Experience the Benefits of Living in an Eco-Friendly State


Looking to relocate in the near future but not sure exactly where to go? Choosing the right location is essential for sustaining a decent quality of life. Of course when you consider moving, you think of all the practical preferences such as nearby school systems, cost of living, job availability, and so on. However, do you ever stop and consider the environment and relocating to areas where they are continually trying to reduce their carbon footprint?

For those of us that are environmentally conscious, moving to a state such as Vermont, Ohio, or Oregon, where eco-friendly behaviors are practiced can be beneficial for more reasons than one.

Benefits of Moving to an Eco-Friendly State

  1. Help the Environment

Of course at the top of the list is the ability to be a part of a larger movement that is helping the environment. We all want to do what we can to preserve the environment. When you’re surrounded by a community that does what they can to encourage green living it makes the world a better place. In states that are more environmentally conscious, not only will you encounter more residents that encourage green lifestyles, but you also encounter corporations and organizations that promote and practice the same.

  1. More Affordable Cost of Living

Many assume that going green or green living is an expensive lifestyle change. Truth be told, it’s not. Going green essentially means making more sustainable decisions as it pertains to our lifestyle and how we treat our planet. When states encourage its residents to utilize renewable resources and practice eco-friendly behaviors it saves a great deal of money, thus making it a more affordable place to live.

Think about it. A community that conserves energy essentially brings down the cost of energy prices, a state that encourages the use of public transportation or eco-friendly transportation brings down transportation costs. Likewise when businesses are also encouraged to incorporate green practices, it brings down the costs of operating a business, and in many cases, those savings are passed down to the consumers.

  1. Improved Health

When a state works as a unit to preserve the environment, they make it a better place to live. Improved quality of food, transportation, and adequate use of environmental resources greatly improves the health of those in the community. A higher quality of food and an improved quality of air to breathe each day essentially leads to improved health.


Tips for Moving to an Eco-Friendly Location

Now that you’ve discovered the various benefits of living in an eco-friendly state, you’ll need to take a few steps to planning for your move. Below are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • Choose a location – there are several states that are ranked highest for being eco-friendly. Review the list and determine which area is best suited for your personal and professional needs.
  • Take a Trip – If you’ve never visited the area you’re thinking about moving to, you’re going to want to get a firsthand experience. Plan a mini trip so that you can get a feel for what the state is like. This is also a great time to see any houses or apartments up close and personal.
  • Set a date and hire a moving company– once you’ve finally made your mind up on where you’re going to move and have found a place, you’re going to need to set a date to move. After setting a date you’ll need to search for a moving company that will do long distance or out of state moves. Booking their services in advance is ideal to lock in your move date and to get the best offer.

While it is certainly important to keep your personal and professional needs in mind when planning to relocate, keeping the environment in mind is also ideal. Green living is often a misunderstood lifestyle practice; however, it is actually beneficial for more reason than one. Not only does it save the earth, but it saves money and also improves health. Once you’ve moved to an eco-friendly state, you’ll begin to experience these benefits and more almost instantly.

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