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Eye-popping Welcome Hut amalgamates sustainability with aesthetics

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Designed by Levitt Goodman Architects, the temporary Welcome Hut of Evergreen Brick Works is bringing in a lot of people and gathering a lot of appreciation these days. The cute little hut is a great way to greet guests before the official opening of Evergreen Brick Works later this year. Erected over 96 sqf area in 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Canada, the Welcome hut is being seen as an ultimate stop for visitors that promises an eco-friendly visit. Evergreen is out on a quest to showcase green design and environmentally sustainable initiatives, and this hut comes as the first step.

Turning trash into treasure

Levitt Goodman Architects has giving new life to old, discarded materials while giving Evergreen what it had wished for. Serving as the information hub for the 12-acre community environmental center, the hut was constructed using recycled materials. The main structure of this eco-friendly hut is made out of an old, dilapidated shipping container. The old shipping container was transformed into a livable space by using a salvaged graffiti door from the historic backyards, slate sheets, an electrical panel and factory lamps, a steel frame window and wooden door. The slate sheets now serve the purpose of chalkboards, while the old door leads to a deck and panel and lamp come together to make an aesthetically appealing and artful light fixture. Allowing guest to move in and out is are two barn-like doors placed doors at either end of the container. Everything from ramps to deck to doors to internal walls and floors are made from TimberSIL, a breakthrough alternative to conventional pressure treated wood that uses a non-toxic sodium-silicate based process. This process makes the wood water-resistant, that too without discharging chemicals into the ground.

The built-in brochure racks and shelving within the window box for maps, plants, merchandise or artifacts are also made using TimberSIL. Beautifying the little hut are the stunning pieces of furniture used in the interior as well as the exterior. The architects joined hands with furniture-craftsman Andrew Reesor and a group of grade 10 students to create something that allows visitors to relax and have a closer look at the structure. Built from recycled shipping crates, the interior bench (that doubles as a storage box) and two outdoor benches (that double as six independent stools) add a lot of style and elegance to the hut. After this beautiful Welcome Hut serves its purpose, it will serve as a warming spot and a hot beverage kiosk for skaters in the winter and an information kiosk in the warm months.

Evergreen Senior Project Manger Matthew Cohen’s words:

This project is a wonderfully poetic microcosm of the Brickworks initiative as a whole. Old industrial material is given a new life and purpose through collaboration and design. It is recreated as a joyous place for Torontonians and anyone interested in green initiatives.

Via: ArchDaily