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Seven most fascinating treehouses in the world

Fascinating treehousesAll of us dream of building our own havens of comfort and solitude. In fact, we all have our own fantasies about the look and feel of that house. We nurture our dreams everyday about a vast sprawling lawns, or building large white castles towering high in the sky.For the latter, the best idea is to build tree-houses. Tree-houses? Well, tree-houses are not the typical drab ‘wooden-boxes’ hung up on trees anymore. Many designers and architects have come up with a myriad of astounding tree-houses, which are not only a visual treat, but also house all the modern luxurious comforts too. Take a look at seven such fascinating tree-houses:


If you ever happen to go for a walk near Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, you will surely stop in front of something really breathtaking. you might be wondering is it a floating fire or a Japanese lantern on stilts? No, it’s the 4Treehouse- a beautiful tree-house designed by Lukasz Kos. It’s almost like living within the forest with no boundaries as you have a view of the forest from all directions!

The structural foundation of the tree-house is a swing which is suspended from four trees. In an endeavor to disturb nature minimally, Kos has let these four trees set the parameters of the project. The resulting structure is a tall, tubular, three-tiered slat-walled structure perched upon swaying trees. The three levels vary in transparency, letting light both in and out. Visitors can ascend up along with the trees.

2) Steampunk Tree House:Steampunk Tree House

Dogfish Head in Milton, DE, houses the most unconventional of tree-houses. This retro-futuristic project was adapted by Oakland, an artist Sean Orlando, who is CA base. The Tree is 40 feet tall, 40 feet wide, weighs 8 tons and is made up in part of recycled materials.

Sean calls this tree-house ‘the second nature’ because for him it symbolizes the ever changing natural world and our inner desire to connect with it.

3) The Biosphere Tree house:The Biosphere Tree house

Deep in the forests of Manoa Valley on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, is the colossal seven-floor-high Biosphere Tree house which is almost 120 feet high. This is a living, breathing giant of bamboo and age-old Bodhi trees entwined with sacred and medicinal vines. Floors suspended below transparent roofs are pierced at the centre with a giant bamboo. The highest floor is a holy place where monthly meetings of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship take place. Hence, this ‘Tree of life’ serves as an arena for both cultural and spiritual activities. What’s more? The Biosphere Tree-house also boasts of worldly pleasures like a composting toilet, 12 volt electricity, solar panels, etc. The swinging steel “star-dome” is a ‘star’ attraction.

4) Alnwick Garden tree house:Alnwick Garden tree house

The Alnwick Garden Tree house isn’t your ordinary tree-house… it’s a tree-restaurant! Part of the picturesque Alnwick Garden, this tree-house is the warm, comfortable haven that we all seek. And the comfort factor goes higher with the delicious menus for morning and afternoon teas and coffees and dinners. The menu is made up of a wide variety of fresh, locally produced ingredients, helping the Garden to support the local producers.

5) Free Spirit Spheres:Free Spirit Spheres

The Free Spirit Spheres designed by Tom Chudleigh, are a unique, atypical set of tree-houses. Built like perfect spheres with spherical windows, they look like a giant eye, keeping an eye on the forest! These tree-houses are built of materials ranging from cedar wood to fiberglass fit together with wiring and plumbing. A slender staircase spirals up a tree for easy accessibility into the house. The prices for these masterpieces start at US$45,000.

6) World’s Largest Tree House:World's Largest Tree House

Many kids dream of a mansion in the sky. But only one makes it! Horrace Burges accomplished his dream by making a 10,000 square feet sprawling, 100-feet tree-house. This giant structure is mainly supported by a single large tree. A spiral staircase allows one to easily access all the ten floors of the house. Made up mostly of recycled lumber, the world’s largest tree-house only cost $12000 to build! This magnificent structure is now a popular tourist attraction.

7) Baumraum Modern Tree House:Baumraum Modern Tree House

Can anyone think of a better idea of combining nature and modernity than German tree-house designers, Baumraum? Taking a look at the Baumraum Modern Tree House, apparently not! These ultra-chic, designer eco-friendly tree-houses offer the best getaway from the hassles of city life without giving away the pleasures of it. Time to make nature your home!