7 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands for Your Greener Wardrobe

Eco-friendly fashion is growing by leaps and bounds even as we speak. More and more fashion labels are also entering the eco-friendly market by launching sustainable clothing lines that combine style and functionality with eco-friendliness. Take a look at 7 such clothing brands which have been making waves in the worldwide market for their sustainable clothing lines.

  1. Svilu

A well-known brand that does not prefer to indulge in fast fashion, Svilu dedicates itself to offering beautifully designed and made clothing staples for women. Following a minimalistic approach, the fashion brand chooses only environmentally friendly fabrics for its clothes, and makes use of sustainable practices to make them. In a world where many brands choose to turn a deaf year to the environmental impact their clothes have, Svilu strives to reduce its carbon footprint in myriad ways while maintaining the integrity of its designs.

  1. Freedom of Animals

If you love the feel of leather but prefer not to kill an animal for the same purpose, turn Freedom of Animals for the same purpose. Specializing in sustainable handbags, the brand mixes style, form and functionality with affordability and sustainability, a factor that has led to an increase in its popularity among eco-conscious shoppers. The versatile and sophisticated bags from Freedom of Animals are made from high quality materials, following an EPA certified process to give you the feel of real leather, albeit the actual material.

  1. Amour Vert

This French based fashion brand has eco-friendliness etched in its very name. Amour Vert translates to Green Love in the French language. This alone proves the company’s commitment to offering sustainable and affordable clothes to its shoppers worldwide. The brand makes use of blended fabrics as well as specially engineered textiles to offer soft, long lasting and flattering designs, following a strict zero waste philosophy in making these products.

  1. People Tree

As the first organization ever to receive the Global Organics Textile Standard (GOTs), People Tree has over 20 years of experience in producing ethical and eco-friendly clothes. The organization partners with Fair Trade artisans as well as farmers and has gained the reputation of being the first company to develop an integrated supply chain from farm to final product for organic cotton.

  1. KowTow

Since its launch in 2007, this New Zealand based fashion brand has grown to become a world leader in ethical fashion. Utilizing 100% organic cotton as well as fair trade practices, the company sells fashion forward, ethical designs. The company also makes use of a transparent supply chain, ensuring that its factory workers in Kolkata, India, are paid living wages and stay away from hazardous dyes.

  1. Stella McCartney

As the reigning queen of luxury as well as sustainable fashion labels, Stella McCartney ensures that her designs follow her strict vegan goals. The clothes from the brand hardly have any fur or leather while following ethical trade and sustainable resourcing practices.  Stella’s designs are chic and a far cry from several other green fashion brands that don’t seem to gel well with style and fashion. Honesty, responsibility and a deep consideration for future generations remain the brand’s motto till date.

  1. Naja Lingerie

While sustainable clothes are in vogue, not much has been done on the inner wear front. Naja Lingerie aims to make a difference here by creating an eco-friendly lingerie line that also empowers women to a great extent. The brand’s factory employ female heads of the household as well as single mothers while ensuring to pay them living wages and provide school books, uniforms, supplies and meals to their children. The brand also makes use of digital printing technology in its fabrics in order to curb waste production to a maximum. 

Eco-friendly fashion has started to create waves in the industry. There are many fashion brands which have also started launching eco-friendly and sustainable clothing lines to cater to this category of shoppers.

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