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Fashionable Eco Friendly Brands

by DrPrem Jagyasi
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Sustainable Living

Nowadays it is essential that all human beings contribute towards a more sustainable living. Sustainable living is a concept that means each and every organization, company and individual on this planet should make conscious efforts to reduce the use of resources and reduce causing harm to the environment that we live in, in any way that is possible for them.


Sustainable living is absolutely essential in order to save our planet from harmful ill effects of damaging the environment more than we have already in the last few decades. The reason for this is to protect our environment from more harm. Already the ill effects of damaging the environment are visible in the form of pollution, ozone layer depletion, climate change, global warming and also changes in weather pattern from all over the world that have increased the intensity as well as the frequency of natural disasters all over the world.


Fashion and Environment

Fashion and Trends rule the consumer buying behavior in every industry. People want to buy clothes, vehicles, electronics and other items based of the trends and fashions of the market. It is very important to be with the times and enjoy the trends of the times. But how does one stay environmentally friendly as well as fashionable at the same time? The answer to this is buying brands that create fashionable products that are also very environmentally friendly.

These brands are typically called green brands. They adopt processes in manufacturing and delivery of goods and services that are more eco friendly and innovate to reduce their carbon footprint. Also they try and use as many sustainable materials for their products as possible.


Fashionable Eco Friendly Brands

There are many fashionable eco friendly brands in the world in different industries. In the sport wear industry for example Nike is a very fashionable brand as well as eco friendly as in the recent years it has made a lot of efforts to be more eco friendly. Brands like L’Oreal, Adidas, Avon, H&M are all leading brands in the clothing, personal care and cosmetics industries that have made efforts to be more eco friendly as an organization as well as a brand.

The furniture options available at the Mega furniture store Ikea are very hip and fashionable according to the current trends. Ikea is a brand that adopts sustainable forestry practices. Most of us like to use household personal care products of the famous brand Johnson and Johnson which is an environmentally friendly brand.


Transportation causes pollution and also rapid use of non renewable energy resources. Cars are really fashionable consumer products as we all want to buy the latest car with the latest technology and gadgets that are popular, fashionable and trendy. Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW are world renowned brands that are trying their best to make cars that are pollution free and use renewable energy sources. Also electronic giants like Dell, HP have realized the need of being an eco friendly brand and have taken steps towards that direction.

Using eco friendly brands does not mean compromising with the latest technology and fashions. There are a wide range of brands that are very fashionable and also promote sustainable living in their manufacturing and other processes. Moreover these brands promote the awareness of the need of more sustainable living and thus reducing the carbon footprint by companies as well as individuals. Sustainable living can become even more fashionable when people use these super trendy high quality brands and develop a more eco friendly lifestyle as well as stay very trendy, stylish and fashionable at the same time.

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