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Fast Forward pedal kit assists you get up hills

fast forward pedal kit

eBike is certainly a great way for a green ride, but it requires charging to keep it going. Stephen Britt is here to give you a convenient and cost-efficient way to power you bicycle. His “Fast Forward” pedal kit consists of a pair of battery-powered pedals that replace your standard pedals and provide you with assistance to get you up hills, or carry heavy loads.

One of the finalists in the Barclays “Take One Step” contest, Britt’s pedal incorporates a motor, gearbox, Li-po batteries and a control board. The sensors detect your effort as you pedal through the way and provide you the necessary assistance. The maker claims that when the kit will be completely developed it will provide a range of 10 miles and peak power of 200W. Paying around £200 for a green and cost-effective is not too much a price or is it?

Via: OregonLive