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Finding greater effectiveness in 3D printers with solar power

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The earth has given us its gifts abundantly but the increasing volume of the human world puts unnecessary pressure on nature. As a result a huge percentage of natural resources get wasted in appeasing the needs of human world. Evolution of technologies like 3D printers can help in reducing wastage of resources and reduce production time.

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3D printing technology is doing wonders around the world. From recycling plastic waste to processing healthy foods, it can undertake all sorts of challenges. Now 3D printers are being used for supplying necessary items which are costly and unavailable in many parts of the world. Let’s have a closer look at the potent of this technology.

Solution of many problems

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A materials science and engineering professor of Michigan Technological University, Joshua Pierce, has invented the first mobile 3D printer. If you visit his profile then you will be surprised with the big list of 3D printing opportunities listed in it. Joshua has found ways of producing wind turbines, breast pumps, prosthetic leg covers and hand cranked power generators with the help of his 3D printer.

He has also announced that all the designs described in his website in details can be used by anyone and also modified. His ultimate aim is to make things more easily available for all without wasting resources.

Around 1.6 billion people in the world are living without basic facilities like electricity. For them the solar powered mobile 3D printer will prove to be a boon. Joshua believes that the 3D printer will also be helpful for people whose lives have been ruined by natural calamities like earthquake or flood.

Field Reddy, a non-profit organization and its associates are using 3D technology for producing necessary medical tools and devices like umbilical cord clamps, IV bag hooks, oxygen tank valves and prosthetic limbs, in Haiti.

More for less makes sense

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Where resources are scanty, one has to find ways of doing more with less. The designer and co-founder of Field Ready, Dara Dotz, has shown in a video how it is possible to make an umbilical cord clip within 10 minutes using a 3D printer. She also explains the importance of producing necessary items on demand. During the earthquake in Haiti the airports got so crowded that medical supplies did not reach the right hands.

The non-profit organization is also educating the local people so that they can recycle waste plastic products and learn to use 3D printers. As the 3D printers generally run on batteries and generators, Dara Dotz and her team is trying to replace them with solar powered 3D printers. This way they will be able to save energy and reduce production costs further.

The opportunities are increasing

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3D printing has opened several doors of opportunities. It is evolving continuously and becoming more affordable for the users. This technology can be used for helping the under-privileged section of society. Both medical tools and scientific equipments can be produced with the help of 3D printers.

This technology can potentially bring down the costs of production. The prototypes help designers to identify flaws early and make amends quickly to correct them. With the help of 3D technology it has also become easier to customize or rather personalize products. Designers are coming up with innovative ideas to make most of this new type of technology.

Solar powered 3D technology can help in creating advanced medical tools and mechanical equipments. This technology can be used for the betterment of poor sections of society. 3D technology is also being used in disaster struck areas.

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