Fire logs vs. traditional wood logs: Which is the better option?

Wooden Logs

Sitting by the warmth of a fire at your fireplace is cozy and wonderful. It reduces gas bills too, as the additional warmth helps to keep the electric insulation at low. You may have been using traditional wooden logs in winter. Though they are cheap, the emissions are not healthy for you or the environment. To get around the toxic fumes, artificial fire logs can be used. If you don’t have a wood burning stove, instead of buying a traditional one, buy one which uses bioethanol and gas. These designs are much more ecofriendly too. Check out the pros and cons of using fire logs vs. traditional wood logs:

 Different types of ecofriendly fuel

Traditional wooden logs are what you may have been using till now to warm your home. You may not have had a choice before; but now you do. You can use eco-friendly firewood alternativessuch as fire logs, which do not give off any carbon emissions. There are modern fireplaces which burn bioethanol as fuel. These fireplaces can be cleaned easily, and taken apart and cleaned in your dishwasher.

Bioethanol fuel – the fuel is derived by fermenting starch and sugar of plants, such as sugarcane and grains’ by-products. This fuel does not release smoke and harmful emissions. 

How are artificial wooden fire logs manufactured?

artificial wooden fire logs

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A roaring fireplace is a big comfort in the winter chill. Instead of using natural wooden logs, you can use artificial logs.To help you decide between real wood vs. artificial wood, you should know more about artificial wooden logs. Do these logs provide equal warmth and light as real logs? How much do they cost and how long do they last?

There are many companies which manufacture artificial logs like Pine Mountain and Duraflame. Fire logs vs. traditional wood logs argument is best solved by knowing more about fire logs.Fire logs are manufactured by combining petroleum wax and sawdust and shaped into the familiar log shape. Each individual log is wrapped with paper and do not require any other kindling material.

How firelogs work?

Eco-friendly firewood alternatives likeartificial firelogs are very simple to light. You just have to light them similarly as you would light a candle. The sawdust inside acts as the wick, and the wax acts as the fuel. The resulting fire lasts long and burns consistently than traditional firelogs. This is why artificial fire logs vs. traditional wood logsis being increasingly preferred. The artificial fire logs burns almost completely and leaves very little ash. The effectiveness of the firelogs, attractive and charming flame, and quality fires have made them the choice of many people over the years. In fact, in the US, the annual demand for these logs is now close to 90 million.

Different brands of artificial firelogs are different, so you may have to do a little bit more research before choosing fire logs vs. traditional wood logs.

Advantages of fire logs vs. traditional wood logs

There are many benefits of eco logs. This is why they have been used by many people. Take a look at some of the advantages of fire logs vs. traditional wood logs:

Scientists have discovered a new ecofriendly fire

respiratory problems

The biggest air polluter in the home is the smoke from burning wood. The smoke can lead to eye and lung damage, and other respiratory diseases. When the smoke goes out of the chimney, it pollutes the air outdoors, in combination with the huge number of other pollutants already in the atmosphere. Though the artificial logs produce 75% less smoke, there is still some soot and smoke.

Now, Maryland University scientists have discovered a new kind of fire which is completely soot less and smokeless. This fire can potentially be extremely helpful to the environment. It can help to clean the oceans of oil spills. It’s called ‘blue whirl’.

Size, smoke, carbon emissions

If you light an artificial log, you have to light only one log. In case of real logs, you have to use many logs. When you’re building a wooden fire, you will also have to use all your skills to light a pile of logs. If you use a firelog, you just have to light one single 5 pounds’ weight log and that’s it. No need to watch numerous videos on how to light a log fire at the fireplace.

Usually, an average wooden fire uses 20-25 pounds of real wooden logs. This of course, gives you greater heat, costs more, as well as gives off more emissions. If your aim is to reduce emissions, then an artificial fire is your best bet. One log lasts for about 5 hours, which might turn out to be quite cost efficient for you. However, if you buy cordwood in the off season from people who have trimmed their trees, it could be cheaper for you.

Real wood vs. artificial woodmay be cheaper, but if you buy in bulk and you don’t use it for some time, then the wood might rot. Rotting causes carbon emissions too, polluting the air in and around your home. This is why many ecofriendly people prefer fire logs vs. traditional wood logs.

The space to store artificial logs is also less, as you just don’t need so many of them.

You can maybe strike a balance – use firelogs most of the time, and only sometimes, use a real log fire.

What is the ‘blue whirl’?

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The ‘blue whirl’ has never been seen before, and it’s much less polluting. To ignite this unique fire, scientists poured fuel over some water. Then the researchers pulled some cool air into the testing chamber. The yellow flame initially grows and then reduces to a cool blue flame, which is very stable. As the flame burns over water, the researchers observed that the fuel evaporates and mixes with oxygen before combusting. This process creates a cleaner and quieter fire.

This tremendous new discovery could be a boon to clean oil spills. Oil spills are the major reason for environmental pollution of the air and water. Many aquatic animals and plants suffer too much and oil spills are therefore one of the major disasters caused by humans.  This new method could clean the oil spills without releasing toxic fumes. If the new method can be used to produce heating for homes and offices, it could potentially save the environment from a huge amount of pollution.

There are many reasons why you should shift to fire logs vs. traditional wood logs. Artificial logs produce much less smoke and soot, and can provide a stable, additional heat to your home. This will result in less electricity usage and money savings for you, and you’ll be helping the Earth as well.

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