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Five amazing re-processed seed starting pots

by DrPrem Jagyasi

For people that belong to the northern part of the globe, who find joy digging out there, it’s time to get ready for planting your favorite vegetables and herbs. Though there is still time to actually plant something you must be ready with preparing your seedlings indoor. Here are for you some brilliant seed potting ideas all with the things found around lying. Take a look:


Folded Newspapers:

One of the most environment-friendly starter pots you can ever think of about is this one particularly created just out of a few folds of newspapers. All you need to do is to simply fold the newspaper and it will turn out into tiny little pockets that would protect your seeds. After making the pockets you need to fill them with seeds and water and place them in the sun.


Cardboard Egg Cartons:

This is a common way to grow your seeds with the help of egg cartons. You need to fill each single egg cup with soil followed by placing one two seeds and then water. The cups need to be kept well watered as the cardboard has a tendency to absorb water and moisture. If the soil goes dry, there are chances of the seedlings drying out.


Egg Shells:

Egg shells that have been not broken too harshly or have been broken just from the top can be creatively used to nurture the seedlings. After taking everything out of them wash the egg shells with soap and water and allow them to dry. Once they are dry, fill the shells with soil, few seeds and put them back into their carton. Water the shells frequently. When the seedlings are ready there is no need to transplant them; instead the base of the shells should be cracked so that the roots grow out from the bottom.



Empty baby food or other clean glass jars can be an ideal way to grow your seeds. After washing the jars with soap and water and rinsing them properly, allow the jars to be dried completely. Put some small pebbles and gravel to form the base layer at the bottom of the jar and then fill the jar with soil.


Juice Cartons:

Cut the top part of the empty juice cartons and fill them with some soil, few seeds and add water. Place the cartons at a sunny spot. This is excellent for the plants that grow quickly.