Five creative, recycled shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys are the most common sights that you see when you enter any shopping mall or airport, as they are neatly stacked one behind the other. Here are some five amazing creations out of shopping trolleys:


Shopping Trolley Birdcage

Now this is one genius idea, the Shopping Trolley Birdcage.  There is a high user value in the birdcage wherein the bird gets to be rolled around wherever in an easy manner.  Created by Sebastian Errazuriz this stunning trolley birdcage is a great way to recycle your old shopping trolley and give it a new lease of life- however, the only thing is whether the birds would enjoy it just as much.


Shopping Trolley lounger

The shopping trolley lounging chair is a great idea to transform a regular trolley into a piece of lounging furniture.  Add a few cushions on your shopping trolley lounger and it will be ready for relaxing and lounging on a sunny day by the pool.


Shopping Trolley Barbecue Grill

Did you ever know that a shopping trolley could double up as a barbeque grill- but it is possible!  This is a great idea and a very novel one, but the only drawback is the cleaning of the shopping trolley afterwards.


Shopping Trolley Chairs

You can easily convert your wonderful shopping trolley into a comfortable chair.  You can design your shopping trolley chair in many ways.  Paint the grill a bright colour and choose some bright coloured or printed cushions to go with it.  You can employ a lot of creativity and come out with some awesome ideas.


Shopping Trolley garden

Many supermarkets keep selling their broken and old shopping trolleys for a couple of pounds.  Try to get one for yourself and convert it into a cheap and gorgeous looking vegetation garden.  It will provide the perfect growing spot as you can completely ventilate it from all sides; this would be optimal for growing strawberries.

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