Five creative wind chimes made using recycled material

Wind chimes are hung in the front yard, balconies or windows as Yen objects to attract good spirits. They have soothing sound, which calm the atmosphere within the house or room. They can be made out of random objects at home and we present five interesting wind chimes with recycled item ideas.


Key Wind chime

This is a nice way of keeping the kids occupied on a summer afternoon. You just need a handful of unused and unwanted keys, some acrylic colors, string pieces and a wood or stick. Children can paint the keys in different colors and cut the string into pieces for each key and one long one to hang the stick. Tie each key on one end of a string and the other end of the string to the stick and finally tie one log string on the center of the stick to tie it to a post.


Recycled Garden Wind Chime

Broken handles, garden tools, pots and pipes can be mixed in a medley to create a rickety wind chime for the garden. There are enough of these in every household and can be made to look beautiful by adding a touch of color and spunk.


Wine Bottle Wind Chime

This is a tricky operation as whole bottles are tied to rope string and hung down from the ceiling. One can use every part of the wine bottle packaging to make the wine bottle wind chime. You’ll need wine bottles, corks, copper pipe and hemp rope to secure them together. It is advisable to hang these chimes away from sun and water and bring them down if the wind is blowing hard.


Bucket Wind Chimes

You can paint a bucket prettily and drill holes on its edges to hang the chimes from them. The chimes can be pieces of hollow wood (like bamboo stems, light rods, steel or glass cups or anything that fires your imagination. One can drill a hole in the center of the bucket and hang it upside down or use the bottom to hang the objects and plant some flowers and hang it right side up.


Old Jewelry Wind Chime

Old jewelry and trinkets are to be found in every girl’s trinket with broke loops or strings or beads missing. You may not throw them away for sentiment, but they would be better use decorating your window as part of a wind chime. You can couple it with a bark of wood to make it look artistic and charming.

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