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Five easy to adapt eco-friendly choices

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If we are conscious about saving the environment then it is important to adapt green products in our lives right from green cleaning items to something like organic butter. If you are aware of how any particular thing is produced then you will be able to decide properly about whether it is eco-friendly or not. Let us look at some ways you can help save the environment.

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Bulk Purchases:

Generally, it is seen that if you buy in bulk then you can make significant cost savings and you have to make less frequent visits to the grocery store.

This in turn will cut down on the number of times you have to use the car and has a direct environmental impact.


Reusing Things:

Reuse or re-purposing can help you save some money as well as create utility products that you can use every day. You can use plastic trays that are used to hold cookies for organizing your drawer; similarly, aluminum cans are good as planters in case they did not have any harsh chemicals earlier.

Likewise, you can make a gift box from that cereal box and food grade plastic containers can be used for keeping leftovers.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint:

Reduce your use of cars and save the planet from the negative effects of greenhouse gases, which are emitted when we use our cars. Plan your trip to the grocery store so that all the stops are known in advance and you follow the shortest route and do not have to make repeat trips to the same place.

You can also do car-pooling with your neighbors to save on gasoline as well as reduce the emissions.

Bring Your Own Grocery Bag


Each year plastic bags numbering in millions are dumped into garbage yards and into oceans thereby having significant ecological impact. BYOB or Bring Your Own Bag is an effort to make people use their own grocery bag while they go for shopping with some stores providing credit on overall purchase as incentive for your BYOB.

You should also remember that manufacturing of plastic bags has negative effect on environment and the less we use them, the better. Having your own Tote bag will mean that you can use it for several years and do your bit towards saving the environment.


Create a garden:

Even without a large backyard, you can produce some of your vegetables. You can use the balcony, front porches and place containers for growing your own vegetables.

This way you will be able to save a little bit on your expenditures and help the environment as well.

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