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Five eco-friendly footwear for eco fashionistas

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If you are fed up wearing the conventional footwear, it is now time to change your taste and try something very new and innovative. You can always turn up to eco-friendly footwear designs to experience an unusual way of fashion. Eco-friendly and sustainable footwear designed by innovative designers help you go more inclined towards a greener lifestyle. Though many believe that these eco-friendly clothing and footwear are not pleasing to eyes, the manufacturers of these footwear are concerned enough to match the products to your expectations. Let us discuss few eco-friendly footwear.


Upcycled Denim Sandals

The denim shoes are designed by DaniKshoes and expected to be a huge hit during the summers. It is very fashionable as it looks like the pants for the feet. Designed by Danielle, who is based in Haifa, Israel and marketed by Etsy shop owner of DaniKshoes, this footwear is completely handmade and it is named as sandal boot because of its open toe and high ankle design. The signature features of a pair of jeans are present in the footwear as it has zipper, button, pocket and leather label.

High-Top Flip Flops

These sandals might make you feel disgraced while wearing the conventional footwear. These sandals are upcycled from old pairs of the classic Converse sneakers and it of course looks trendy and exceptional. This also enhances the chances of upcycling a worn out sandals rather than throwing them away. The USP of these sandals is the combination of varieties of styles in one piece of sandal. This footwear will give your feet a new and trendy look.

Living Shoes

The world’s first living flip flops are designed by Krispy Kreme, especially for summers. These flip flops are designed with grass blades. Each green flip flop houses around 5000 grass blades. These grass blades can be made to last up to four months by watering them regularly.


DIY Eco-Sandals

These sandals are made of plarn. Plarn is made from strips of plastic grocery bags. It can also be used in knitting and crocheting to make a number of useful products and the DIY eco-sandals are one of those products.Emily Berezin has designed this sandal.

Cork Shoe Comebacks

As the world is becoming more eco-friendly these days as far as fashion is concerned, this chic shoe holds a special position in the new arrivals of eco-friendly shoes. These chic shoes are specially designed for the feet of ladies and look impressive on them. Using cork does not hamper the environment as it is considered to be a renewable resource.