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Five eco friendly kiosk designs for smart and green cities

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The idea behind developing eco-friendly kiosks is to provide something beneficial to both the kiosk deployer and the environment. Vendors usually need functional and efficient units to reach out to customers who mostly come to kiosks for getting information, using phones or Internet, purchasing tickets, etc. So, the design of these green kiosks should be such that it is friendly for the customers, as well as the environment. To reduce its energy consumption, a green kiosk is usually made of recycled or recyclable materials and installed with alternative energy sources. Let’s see some of the most efficient designs created for eco-friendly kiosks that work smarter for small and green cities.


  • Barcroft Park: It is a high-tech park developed by Butch Anthony, an artist from Alabama. This park is home to wonderful eco-friendly bike kiosks. These unique bike kiosks are made of recycled materials. Even the new bikes are beautifully created out of thrown-away bike wheels or scrap number plates. These bikes can be purchased from this kiosk that opens twice a week.
  • Ecokiosk: Designed by S Fahmi Yusoff, the Ecokiosk has come up as a practical solution to the requirement of a greener mobile retail or service setup. It displays the use of several green techniques in its built and setup. Its louvre-style roof maintains natural air ventilation and heating inside the kiosk, thus saving energy costs. To deal with bad weather conditions, this kiosk has been designed using durable, recyclable building materials. Both its sides have planter boxes that not only enhance the kiosk aesthetically, but also reduce carbon dioxide by absorbing it. There is also a small rainwater collection and reuse system installed in Ecokiosk.


  • Micro Cycle: It is a unique waste management idea of designer Elliott Montgomery. From some discarded and waste materials, Elliott has come up with wonderful fabric shopping bags. These are sold through this specially created green kiosk that runs on solar power.
  • Eco ATM’s Kiosk: This self-serving kiosk offers cash rewards in exchange of discarded electronic items. This kiosk then recycles these discarded electronics. This self-operating kiosk has a recycling unit that is fully automatic. A built-in cash dispenser offers cash to people in exchange for their waste electronics.


  • Computer Kiosk: Developed by three engineers in Uganda, this kiosk is made of discarded oil drums. This unique idea was displayed at MFA (Maker Faire Africa) and hoped to widen its reach to schools and institutions.

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