Five Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Challenges For You To Try Out

The 100 Thing Challenge

Millennials are waking up to various life threatening changes on this planet- such as climate change, pollution and global warming. The closer the planet inches towards destruction and calamity, the more conscious people become of their own lifestyle choices. Some opt for living with less. Some go for living greener and greener every single day. Living an eco-friendly life is no longer a choice for many; it is now a compulsion. Reducing your carbon footprint has become crucial and urgent. But if you are someone who wants to adopt an eco-conscious life, but are unsure about where to begin from, here is a small guide of eco-friendly lifestyle challenges for you to try out.

The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Blogger Anuschka Rees founded the 30-Day Minimalism ChallengeBlogger Anuschka Rees founded the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. This one sounds easy, but it is tricky when it comes to practical application. All you have to do is get rid of the objects that are of no use to you any longer – but you need to do this one object a day. If you cannot decide which object to keep and which object to get rid of, try the Pareto Principle.

According to the Pareto Principle, you actually only use 20% of the things you have for more than 80% of the time. Find those 20%, and get rid of the remaining 80%. You have a month to figure this out. So don’t rush into it. Minimalism cannot be practiced overnight. Gradually, you will find that the more you practice minimalism, the easier your life becomes.

When it comes to eco-friendly lifestyle challenges, this one is a must-try. Plus, you can obviously take more than a month to finish this challenge. There are no hard and fast rules. It’s fun, and it helps you turn into a greener individual.

30-Day Buy Nothing New Challenge

30-Day Buy Nothing New Challenge

Most of us cannot survive with fast fashion. Trendy clothes and accessories are a must in our lives. Some people cannot go even a fortnight without checking out of a mall with dozens of shopping bags in hand. But if your goal for 2019 is living an eco-friendly life, then unnecessary shopping is something you must cross off your list.

The 30-Day Buy Nothing New Challenge is an apt challenge for those who want to cut down on limitless expenditure and go minimal in life. If you have a wardrobe crammed up with clothes and jewelry, threatening to stream down at you the moment you open the drawer, it is time to stop looking for more and more.

Browse through your pile of clothes and stack of accessories. Find something you can wear everyday. Sometimes, clothes and other items are buried so deep inside the drawers and lockers in your house that you might not even remember owning them in the first place. But once you look for them and find them, you will definitely be surprised at the amount of variety you already have in your life. You will realize that you don’t need more.

One of the best eco-friendly lifestyle challenges, this one will help you to rediscover the things you own, save time and money spent on shopping, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Go for it.

The 100 Thing Challenge – one of the best eco-friendly lifestyle challenges of 2019

The 100 Thing Challenge

Blogger Dave Bruno woke up one morning, fed up with the American consumerist culture. He decided to live with less and see if it makes life more manageable. This gave rise to the 100 Thing Challenge. Bruno decided to get rid of unused, unwanted items in his possession till he only has 100 items left with him.

The way to becoming eco-conscious is to possess less. Take up this challenge and see how it changes your life. There are, once again, no hard and fast rules to this game. One advantage of this challenge is that shared household items don’t get included in you 100 items list. Neither do your books. And your collection of anything counts as one item.

The 100 Thing Challenge is actually a life-altering challenge if completed with dedication and sincerity. Not only will this challenge make your life easier and streamlined, but also reduce your stress and anxiety levels to a great extent.

31-Day Zero Waste Challenge

31-Day Zero Waste Challenge

Blogger Kathryn Kellogg started a blog name Going Zero Waste, which gave rise to the 31-Day Zero Waste Challenge. Once you subscribe to this challenge, you will receive daily tips and tricks to manage your waste. Not only that, you will also get a chance to connect with like-minded people and work with them to create little to no waste for a month.

Considering that almost 80% of the waste produced ends up in landfills, this challenge is something that will not only reduce the amount of waste produced, but will also help you in becoming an eco-conscious individual.

This is one of the most useful eco-friendly lifestyle challenges, since it aims at reducing the carbon footprint to a great extent. Not only will you receive daily lifestyle tips, but these tips will remain useful to you for lifetime.

Plastic Free Month Challenge

Plastic-Free Month Challenge

Plastic is one of the biggest polluters in the world. More and more NGOs and government organizations are paying attention on ways to reduce the use of plastic. In this scenario, the Plastic-Free Month Challenge is an ideal one to take note of.

By accepting one of the most influential eco-friendly lifestyle challenges, you will be contributing in the bid to reduce the waste and pollution caused by plastic products. Subscribe to this challenge and you will receive daily emails, informing you about the various alternatives to your day-to-day usage of plastic products.

Apart from these eco-friendly lifestyle challenges, the best way of becoming eco-conscious is also going meat-free for a week or a month. Considering how much water and waste goes into animal husbandry, it will be good if you opt to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet in a gradual fashion. There are numerous ways to become a green individual. All you have to do is look around.

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