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Five Eco Friendly Ways of Doing Away with Molds

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Climate Control


It is a known fact that molds are usually found in humid conditions. Also, mold goes deep into the surface. Therefore, if you spot mold, you know that it isn’t on the surface but also inside it. First things first, let that area dry out completely. For, if there is less of moisture then, you can be sure of the fact that the mold will not grow. Buy a dehumidifier for situations like this. It will stunt the growth of the mold in a jiffy.

Grape seed Extract


This is used in a large number of cosmetics. Yes, it is a known fact that grape seed extract is good for the skin but this is also a great fungicide. Hence, if you have a cosmetic product which you know for sure contains grape seed extract, go ahead and use it. One of the disadvantages of using the product is that it is going to smell of the product for a few days. If the smell is really strong and intolerable, you might want to look for other options that serve the purpose.



Vinegar is one of the best household remedies of doing away with mold. Use a spray bottle and see the mold disappear in a jiffy. It is one of the greatest fungicides ever and you will soon see how yielding it is to use vinegar. However, be sure of the fact that, you are going to smell vinegar for a very very long time, even if the mold disappears in a few hours time. None the less, use of vinegar is every bit worth it. Therefore, go ahead and use vinegar to remove that filthy mold from your house.

Baking Soda


Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and it works well on scrubs also. Plus, unlike the other things, baking soda isn’t going to smell. It is a good idea to use baking soda on surfaces that are difficult to reach. This is specific for places where there are cracks or places between tiles. Apply baking soda mixed with water on the place where there is a mold and leave it for a while. Scrub it off later on and the mold shall disappear entirely.



Borax is one of the most popular eco friendly cleaning agents. It is often used in washing powder for clothes. It is harmful to human beings if deposited inside the body and hence, one has to be a little careful about it.