Five home gadgets that can help you go eco friendly



Are you looking to go green in a bid to conserve the environment? If so, maybe you should start by conducting your own internal energy audit. With many modern gadgets making their entry into our everyday lives, these also have the effect of sucking up energy. By being energy hogs, these products take a toll on our monthly utility bills as well as cause damage to the environment. However, this is not always the case.

Below are five best home gadgets which can help you go green while slashing your home energy costs.


First and foremost, you can look at using eco chargers. Some may be surprised to know that even though electronic products are turned off while being plugged to a power supply, energy continues to be consumed. Additionally, mobile phones and computer chargers continue to use energy despite not using them. Some may find it a hassle to keep removing the chargers from the power sockets or they may even forget to do so, on a regular basis. If you are one of them, then you may want to consider using an eco-charger. Eco-chargers turn off by themselves after a device connected to it is fully charged. This saves energy and helps reduce utility bills.

Smart Sockets

Another option is to use smart sockets. Unnecessary energy can be saved by cutting down unwarranted use. Smart sockets connect to regular plugs and help to cut power to devices which are put on standby mode.

LED Light Bulbs

You could also switch to LED light bulbs, as they are known to use lesser energy as compared to the regular bulbs. These bulbs turn on automatically and consume no power when the power is switched off.


The fourth way of going green with home gadgets is using a programmable thermostat. This helps save energy by controlling when heating or cooling systems are turned on. For instance, when you are not home, the programmable thermostat may turn off the cooling or heating. Therefore, you can save on energy consumption.

Energy Monitor

The fifth useful gadget that you can use for your home to save energy is an energy monitor. This is a product for those who are serious about conducting a personal energy audit. If you are really serious about doing so, then the energy monitor might be the best product for you. This energy monitor will display the devices or appliances in your home, which make use of the most amount of energy. The home energy monitor is said to be good at providing prompt and convenient feedback on the home appliances used on a daily basis. Some types of energy monitors may also display the cost of energy and greenhouse gas emissions as well. With such information, you will be in a better position to make changes to your energy use.

Awareness of home gadgets, which can help cut the cost of electricity bills for you, can also help save the environment. Why not make a start today and research on what home gadgets will work best for your home.

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