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Five Modern Treehouses you’d love

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Best thing about a treehouse is that you can be perched high up in the trees in utmost comfort anytime you want. Treehouse is a fantasy almost each one of us has grown up with. As kids we have all dreamt of a treehouse – a secret hide place to slide away from the parents’ sight. Most of us still live with this dream. Continuing this dream, some contemporary architects have created finest modern treehouses complete with all amenities. Here are a few examples of such modern treehouses. 

Post Ranch Inn treehouse

A house is more than just a shelter; it’s a bond and continuous mystery for its inhabitants. This bondage and mystery only grows with each passing day when you are inside the Post Ranch Inn treehouse designed by Big Sur architect Mickey Muennig. The treehouse is built on free-standing structures build some nine feet off the forest ground. Each treehouse is triangular in shape and has a staircase leading to the entrance. The treehouse features a king size bed, skylight and a window seat. If you have ever dreamt of sleeping amongst the trees; the Post Ranch Inn treehouse lets you do so in complete luxury.

Urban Treehouse

A pair of vacation treehouses located in a scarcely populated Grunewald area in Berlin is called Urban Treehouse. Developed by grandfather/grandson team, the Urban Treehouse has been designed by architect Andreas Wenning from Baumraum. Both treehouses face the forest, and are perched some 4 meters off the ground. Packed with all the amenities and luxury; a stay at the Urban Treehouse guarantees comfortable stay in a great bird-like setting.

The Tree House 

The Tree House

Image Source : O.Homedsgn.Com

Another one from the house of Baumraum, dubbed the Tree House, this treehouse is located in forests of Hechtel-Eksel in Belgium. Conceptualized in modern architecture, the Tree House flaunts fantastic interior design complete with wall-to-ceiling wallpaper. The wonderful structure is divided into two main sections; it is elliptically shaped and it rests on steel props and has a steel stairway leading to the main entrance. The modern treehouse has state-of-the-art bedding, large windows and fully equipped bathroom.

Sustainable Tree House

Any discussion about modern treehouse cannot be complete without the mention of sustainable treehouse made by Farrow Partnership Architects. The uniquely designed treehouse are designed in a manner that they do not harm the trees in any way, yet allow you to stay amid the birds high up in the trees.  The treehouse are made from eco-friendly materials and is very curvy in design. According to the designers, the treehouse draws design inspiration from a sailboat. Twelve of these sustainable treehouses are scheduled for construction, first of which is to be built at the E’Terra Resort in Tobermory, Ontario. Handing from the tree down, instead of being nailed into the tree truck, the treehouse will be available for rent. Each of the treehouse will be fitted with all modern amenities and to keep things green, the treehouse will feature composite toilets along with gray water recycling showers.

White Cocoon Treehouse

Modern treehouses are not just about permanent structures; even those tents can make for wonderful, modern treehouses. The Cocoon treehouse is a hanging bed that is supported by cables, which attach to nearby trees. The spherically designed waterproof treehouse features a 2.4-meter-wide circular bed with comfortable foam mattress. Of course it’s not for the most luxury seekers, but indeed a great habitat for adventure and fun seekers.


Treehouses of varying shapes, sizes and materials have seen the light of the day. While we have tried to acquaint you with some of the more interesting ones, there are many more that one can still explore.